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[ { "id" : 55, "biname" : "* Affordable Weaver CORP *", "city" : "Jenkintown", "stateCode" : "PA", "publicId" : "affordable-weaver-corp-2374-jenkintown-pa", "intro" : "We will only use high quality paints and materials. We simply do not believe in using inferior products and any customer insisting on a low-grade material will likely need to find another painter. You can trust our word. We will do what we say we can. Our company has been successfully in operation for over twenty years because of our strong reputation. We became highly reputable by earning it and being true to our word. If we say we are able to complete a job in two days, it will be finished in two days. We will finish on time and on budget. These two promises are vitally important to our customers and we know it. We never make commitments we can’t keep and we make the ones we do. We will complete a job to standards that will more than likely exceed your own. We are our toughest critic and hold ourselves to standards that even the most discerning eye would fall short of. There is a reason why our customers stay with us for years. We stand behind our work. We offer warranties on all of our work. We will not put paint onto a surface simply because it is there. Our team consists of highly skilled leads with over 8 years of experience. They understand the importance of uncovering structural issues that can impact the quality of the paint job. If a problem exists, we will bring it to your attention and suggest a solution prior to painting. We have expertise you can count on. Being around for over 20 years has provided us with a vast amount of knowledge regarding paint. If you have something you want painted, chances are pretty high we have done it before. We have extensive experience in painting all types of surfaces.", "licenses" : [ "PA" ], "score" : "4.9", "reviewsCount" : 25, "logoId" : null, "biId" : 2374, "biAccountId" : 477, "locationCity" : "Jenkintown", "locationPostal" : "19046", "locationStateCode" : "PA", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-75.118836 40.1072215)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : 2946, "mainPictureId" : 895, "biDistance" : 74.50872412092936, "serviceCategories" : [ "PAINTING" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "1657 The Fairway, Jenkintown, PA 19046", "ratingUrls" : { "urls" : [ { "ratingType" : "GOOGLE", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : 1, "rating" : 5.0, "enabled" : true }, { "ratingType" : "YELP", "url" : "", "reviewsCount" : 20, "rating" : 5.0, "enabled" : true } ] }, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : "0", "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : [ ] }, { "id" : 181, "biname" : "Glenwood Engineering", "city" : "Allentown", "stateCode" : "PA", "publicId" : "glenwood-engineering-12629-allentown-pa", "intro" : "Structural inspection report, fire damage report and recommendations for existing Residential building . Permits for new Residential, commercial and industrial buildings. As well as building additions and structural Design. Structural Design in wood, steel, concrete and shop drawings. Residential repair estimation and structural recommendations. Residential additions such as constructing a deck, enclosing porch, enclosing patio, constructing a sunroom, turning storage attic into habitats space, turning storage basement into habitat space and constructing a second story or addition to existing building Designs which include attached garage and carport. Changes to means of egress including stairways, ramps, hallways, door and exterior exit balconies. Foundation Certifications for future second story additions. Design in retaining walls structures. Driveway permit. Site plan and parking lots design. Started by Dr. Maher Abdelaal PE , a Civil/Structural Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the field. In less than 2 months the company grew having at least 10 jobs per week ranging from inspections to design work. The company continues to grow every day and we hope to expand in the near future.", "licenses" : [ "PA" ], "score" : "5", "reviewsCount" : 1, "logoId" : 3070, "biId" : 12629, "biAccountId" : 3596, "locationCity" : "Allentown", "locationPostal" : "18102", "locationStateCode" : "PA", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-75.48383539999999 40.5985813)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : null, "mainPictureId" : 3071, "biDistance" : 77.91240139257908, "serviceCategories" : [ "OTHER" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "1302 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18102, USA", "ratingUrls" : { "urls" : [ { "ratingType" : "GOOGLE", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : 1, "rating" : 5.0, "enabled" : true }, { "ratingType" : "YELP", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : null, "rating" : null, "enabled" : false } ] }, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : null, "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : null } ]

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1. Get Quote Online * Affordable Weaver CORP *
4.9 25 review(s)
Jenkintown , PA , 74.5 miles
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2. Get Quote Online Glenwood Engineering
5 1 review(s)
Allentown , PA , 77.9 miles
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