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Stevens Perfect Painting & Renovations

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    Brooklyn, NY 11232
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"Our mission is to offer our customers with a unique and extraordinary experience with our high quality painting service, transforming their interior environment with a clean, safe, and neat work setting with one brush, one color at a time until all expectation are achieved and lifelong relations are form." Since 2012, Steven's Perfect Painting has been making offices more beautiful, stores more attractive to customers, and taking care of painting needs of homeowners. We know the correct, and best way to prepare your surfaces and have the expertise to paint any type of material in your building. This includes: wood, metal, sheet-rock, and plaster. Our professional commercial and residential painters, here at Steven's Perfect Painting in NY, will take good care of your business and/or home. We come ready to prove to you that when we perform a job, it is of the highest quality and you will be happy with the outcome. Our team will spend the time with you prior to and during the job to make sure you completely understand what is required of you, and make sure all of your suggestions and requests are noted and incorporated. Whether your project involves an entire renovation or simply a touch-up, we are here to help. Call today to speak with a member of our dedicated team!

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1. Stevens Perfect Painting & Renovations
2. Stevens Perfect Painting & Renovations
3. Stevens Perfect Painting & Renovations
4. Stevens Perfect Painting & Renovations