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Selecting Service

You can get quotes to replace your heating and cooling system, install a new floor, fix the roof, upgrade your water heater or all the above. There is no need to invite multiple contractors to your home for each service, for each estimate.

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Specifying service

You know best what services you need. By answering simple questions such as whether or not you need installation or repair service, or if your heating system runs on gas, electric, oil or propane, you save 30 miles of driving for each contractor; that's 120 miles for every service you need.

location / type

Your location is important. Depending on your zip / postal code, residence type and permit requirements, different contractors generate different quotes. By specifying this information, ServiceWhale helps you to avoid onsite visits from irrelevant contractors and save 150 lbs of CO2 per drive and 600 lbs per quote.


The urgency for service might range from an immediate need to a week, to a month, several months, or an unspecified timeframe. ServiceWhale will pick from the many contractors in your area and choose only those that fit your criteria.

Area & Materials

The details of your home improvement project will determine the cost and the number of times a contractor must visit your residence to understand what it is that needs to be done. The shape of the room, the height and length of the walls, the location of the water heater, the condition of the basement and the location of the cooling compressor, are examples of questions you will find on ServiceWhale in order to calculate an accurate quote and save 41 lbs of carbon per contractor's drive and 164 lbs per project.

By the way, each minute the average contractor's truck operates, 470 gallons of oxygen are burned and during a 40 minute drive, 76,800 gallons of oxygen burned. Use our Green Calculator to see the big picture.

Comparison tool

Lets say there are 40 contractors in your area (in fact, just in the Philadelphia area alone there are around 50 heating and cooling contractors and growing on ServiceWhale). If you receive just 4 quotes, there is a 90% probability you'll miss out on a better deal. ServiceWhale allows you to compare numerous contractors in seconds, completely eliminating the need for an onsite visit. It's important to reiterate that this minimizes the impact on the Earth's ecosystems.

Negotiation tool

If you found 3 contractors that you like on ServiceWhale you can negotiate the price or customize your quote further online without the need to invite them to your home. On ServiceWhale, you can negotiate with 3 or 30 contractors without causing harm to the environment.

Booking tool

The majority of deals on ServiceWhale are closed without a single visit from a contractor. It's simple, convenient and risk free since confirmed prices are backed by the ServiceWhale guarantee.