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[ { "id" : 127, "biname" : "Jeremias Development Group LLC", "city" : "Mamaroneck", "stateCode" : "NY", "publicId" : "jeremias-development-group-llc-12520-mamaroneck-ny", "intro" : "Integrity: The #1 in our book. We want our clients to put their trust in a reliable and honest company that has their best interest in mind. Professionalism: We don`t accept anything less than pure professionalism from our company as a whole. Our employees are the heart of our company and they are trained to be the best of the best in their trade. Craftsmanship: We take pride in the quality, skills and expertise of our work. We want to leave our clients with the same pride at the finish line of every project.", "licenses" : [ "NY" ], "score" : "5", "reviewsCount" : 6, "logoId" : 2415, "biId" : 12520, "biAccountId" : 2258, "locationCity" : "Mamaroneck", "locationPostal" : "10543", "locationStateCode" : "NY", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-73.7224336 40.960561)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : 2954, "mainPictureId" : 4251, "biDistance" : 17.534912854488187, "serviceCategories" : [ "DECKS_PORCHES", "PAINTING", "KITCHENS", "FLOORING", "BATH" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "1511 Park Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543", "ratingUrls" : { "urls" : [ { "ratingType" : "GOOGLE", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : 6, "rating" : 5.0, "enabled" : true }, { "ratingType" : "YELP", "url" : "", "reviewsCount" : 0, "rating" : 0.0, "enabled" : true } ] }, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : null, "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : null }, { "id" : 175, "biname" : "New York Commercial Painting Group", "city" : "New York City", "stateCode" : "NY", "publicId" : "new-york-commercial-painting-group-12616-new-york-city-ny", "intro" : "New York Commercial Painting Group is proud to be Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn’s most innovative and customer-centric painting company because we are dedicated to helping our clients improve the aesthetic appeal of their commercial and residential properties. We are proud to provide Property Owners, General Contractors, Project Managers, Architects and Interior Designers with access to a multitude of painting services. Our services are cost-effective, delivered on-time, and designed to improve the value of your project. Whether your project involves an entire renovation or simply a beautification touch-up, we are here to help. Call today to speak with a member of our dedicated team! Our commercial and residential painting process is designed with the client in mind. It starts with a consultation to better understand project needs. Every project has its own dedicated Project Manager from start to finish. We at New York Commercial Painting Group, take client satisfaction to the next level. That is why we are one of the first painting contractors in the NYC area to have a dedicated Client Relations Manager to ensure your experience with us is top notch. The project is started at a time that is convenient to you, and is completed in a timely fashion. We only consider a job “well-done” if it is completed at the highest-quality and if it exceeds our customer’s expectations.", "licenses" : [ "NY" ], "score" : "5", "reviewsCount" : 9, "logoId" : 2910, "biId" : 12616, "biAccountId" : 3250, "locationCity" : "New York City", "locationPostal" : "10037", "locationStateCode" : "NY", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-73.98773030000001 40.7446338)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : null, "mainPictureId" : 2911, "biDistance" : 20.0003875966113, "serviceCategories" : [ "PAINTING" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "244 5th Ave, New York, NY 10037, USA", "ratingUrls" : { "urls" : [ { "ratingType" : "GOOGLE", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : 9, "rating" : 5.0, "enabled" : true }, { "ratingType" : "YELP", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : null, "rating" : null, "enabled" : false } ] }, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : null, "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : null }, { "id" : 72, "biname" : "Ecostruct LLC", "city" : "Brooklyn", "stateCode" : "NY", "publicId" : "ecostruct-llc-4603-brooklyn-ny", "intro" : "Ecostruct LLC is a full service design/build and consulting firm, specializing in sustainable building and energy auditing services. Located in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, NY, Ecostruct has access to a vast array of sustainable resources sourced from local manufacturers and suppliers. As a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional and a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Contractor, Ecostruct is able to provide its clients with efficient single-family and multi-family whole-building energy analyses and modeling services to develop the most comprehensive efficiency plan possible. In conjunction with it’s design/build operation Ecostruct has been providing luxury general contracting services to the Tri-State area for nearly 4 years while it’s principles have been providing the same for over 75 years. As our motto suggests, we attempt to create an enjoyable and fluid environment for both our construction teams and our clients during the development process while maintaining a progressively sustainable operation. It is our belief that no project should be constructed without its impact on the surrounding environment in mind. Be it sourcing local materials or creating a more efficient workspace, Ecostruct is driven to not only ensure the aesthetics of your project but its efficient energy use as well. At Ecostruct, we are of the firm belief that direct client involvement is vital to the success of the project. We are committed to producing superior products while providing excellent service in all of our endeavors. In order to accomplish these tasks simultaneously, we will create a customized codeGREEN™ program from pre-construction through a 12-month follow up to ensure that our clients are well informed of and satisfied with the work performed.", "licenses" : [ "NY" ], "score" : "4.7", "reviewsCount" : 6, "logoId" : 1996, "biId" : 4603, "biAccountId" : 1113, "locationCity" : "Brooklyn", "locationPostal" : "11215", "locationStateCode" : "NY", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-73.98937269999999 40.672356)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : 1997, "mainPictureId" : 1150, "biDistance" : 29.801576675515893, "serviceCategories" : [ "OTHER", "WINDOWS_DOORS", "ROOF", "DECKS_PORCHES", "ELECTRICAL", "PAINTING", "KITCHENS", "FLOORING", "BATH" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "214 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215", "ratingUrls" : { "urls" : [ { "ratingType" : "GOOGLE", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : 0, "rating" : 0.0, "enabled" : true }, { "ratingType" : "YELP", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : null, "rating" : null, "enabled" : false } ] }, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : null, "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : null } ]

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Mamaroneck , NY , 17.5 miles
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