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Allure Ultra Flooring Installation vs. Laminate

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When it comes to renovating your Lewes DE home, you have a lot of decisions to make, from the bigger picture ones such as deciding whether to knock down a wall and expand a room to seemingly simpler ones like picking the right paint color. It’s a long process, and you of course want to be happy with your final decisions for years to come!

Deciding what flooring material to use is a huge factor in the renovation process. Perhaps you want the clean but homey look of hardwood floors without the upkeep and constant maintenance they require. In that case, you have essentially two options to choose from: allure or laminate flooring.

Both allure and laminate floors are popular alternatives to wood, but what are the differences? For starters, allure is vinyl, which makes it more flexible and resilient. Allure flooring is very water-resistant and prone to spills, so it’s great for families with active young children. Laminate, on the other hand, can be easily damaged by water and is not meant for moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, where children tend to love running around.

Additionally, though both allure and laminate floors can be made to achieve some of the physical effects of wood, only the allure vinyl material can be embossed to achieve a wood-like texture. Laminate can only be printed to look like wood, but it still has a glossy surface. Laminate also requires more underlayment, such as a foam layer, and can thus be costlier.

Lewes DE Allure Floor Installation Contractors

If you have young children, pets or a different reason to choose a spill-proof flooring solution, or you’ve decided to get the best bang for your buck, you’ll probably have decided to install allure flooring at this point. Now the next step is simple: finding the right contractor for your allure plank flooring installation.

The right contractor will be very familiar with the obstacles involved in installing allure floors and will be equipped to tackle such issues in ways DIY-ers cannot. You’ll need your allure resilient plank flooring installation to last generations, so the right contractor is vital in ensuring there are no mistakes in the installation process. The right contractor will know everything about installing your new allure floors, from the material specifics to customizing it to fit your living space.

Use ServiceWhale for Allure Plank Installation

In the past, finding the right contractor could be a frustrating, time consuming process. Even if you had Internet access, you’d have to research all the floor installation specialists in your area individually, schedule onsite quoting sessions and compare notes yourself. Who has that kind of time? Now the process is much simpler. ServiceWhale’s instant quote platform for flooring gives you access to side-by-side comparisons of contractors in your local area.

Simply begin by answering a few questions about your flooring installation project, such as whether you’ve already purchased your materials and the size of the space you’re looking to cover. Soon, you will be presented with a list of contractors in your area who fit the description of your project and your budget. You’ll find the right contractor to begin installing allure floors in your home in no time!

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