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Installing Electric Radiant Floor Heating

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Is Installing Electric Radiant Floor Heating Right for Your Home?

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Radiant heating is rapidly becoming a popular means of providing warmth in cold winter months. It is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and amazingly efficient. It requires a much more specialized touch than just installing a furnace and connecting it to your ductwork, however. You want to make sure that the professional you choose for your next floor heating job has all the right skills and expertise to handle the job. When you need an electric floor heating install completed, call upon the best top-rated licensed contractors through ServiceWhale in Fort George G Meade MD.

Electric radiant heating in floors usually involves running electrical cables under the floor, which use current to charge heating elements that are either directly beneath the floor or are contained within conductive plastic mats mounted in a sub-floor beneath tile or another flooring type. This type of flooring is best used when you have a significant mass of thermally conductive material that will hold the heat. Concrete, for example, is an excellent material for electric radiant heating under flooring.

Electric Radiant Heating Experts

Because electric radiant heating is dealing with live current and all of the dangers inherent in handling cables and livewire, you’ll want a licensed, bonded and expert professional contractor to handle your floor heating job in Fort George G Meade MD. When installed properly, this kind of heating is very safe and efficient, but it requires specialized skills to do it right. That’s where ServiceWhale comes into the picture.

There are many out there that believe this project is one that can be done DIY-style, but there are too many important elements that need to be done properly in order for the floor to be safe and efficient. A contractor, however, will know how to do the following:

  • Install the electric flooring properly
  • Correctly connect the electric components
  • Catch and correct potential issues
  • Teach you maintenance to keep your floors beautiful

With ServiceWhale, you can find the right contractor in a matter of minutes and reap the benefits of a professionally-done floor.

The ServiceWhale Method

With ServiceWhale, you don’t have to spend hours, days or weeks going through reams of contractors in want ads and online, parades of people in and out of your house and laundry lists of requirements and bad offers only to still be frustrated in your efforts to find the right professional. With our process, all you do is answer a few basic questions about the nature of the job at hand, and the best local contractors will come to you!

You’ll receive detailed cost-breakdown quotes for your job without the need for home visits, and each contractor that responds will include a complete portfolio. This will allow you to review their history, skills, examples of their work, and customer reviews and testimonials for their services. Each will by fully licensed and bonded. It’s a one-stop shop for the best flooring and heating contractors in Fort George G Meade MD, right at your fingertips.

Fun and Easy

Many of our clients have viewed the process of finding the perfect contractor for their home as fun as well as easy. It’s just like any other kind of online shopping, with services competing for your business, and you always can have confidence in knowing you got the very best professional to handle your specific job.

Next time you’re in the market for a new flooring or heating project, turn to the professionals at ServiceWhale in Fort George G Meade MD.

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