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Engineered Wood Flooring Installation in Hunt Valley MD

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Choosing Engineered Flooring Installation

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What exactly is engineered wood flooring? Put simply, it’s just another form of wood flooring. Unlike planks, engineered wood is not solid hardwood and simply has a veneer of hardwood. Its core is generally plywood or HDF, though sometimes the core is also hardwood.

Like other wood floors, engineered flooring can add character and a feeling of coziness to any home. Thanks to advanced engineered wood manufacturing, these types of floors are often indistinguishable from other wood floors, despite the fact that they are usually also much more affordable. No matter your flooring budget, there’s certain to be an engineered wood option that’s right for you.

In addition to price, there are many good qualities of engineered wood that make it an attractive material to many homeowners. Thanks to the multiple layers involved in manufacturing engineered wood, it’s a very stable and durable material. Because of this, it is also more tolerant of moisture than solid hardwood planks. Though no wood flooring can handle standing water, it’s not as much of a concern for engineered floors due to the layers under the hardwood veneer.

Engineered wood comes in a variety of different finishes and thicknesses. Generally speaking, engineered woods with thicker veneers (more than 2mm) are more expensive than those with ultra-thin veneers. However, choosing a thicker veneer is a better investment in terms of flooring longevity. Veneers between 2mm and 6mm can be refinished multiple times over, as multiple instances of sanding won’t deteriorate the hardwood. And though it’s more expensive than thin-veneered engineered wood, it’s still a more affordable option than solid wood planks.

Installing Engineered Flooring with A Contractor

Installing your engineered wood flooring is generally thought to be simpler than installing planks, as there is not as much involved in the process. While that’s sometimes true, it’s still best to hire a contractor rather than installing engineered wood as a DIY project. This is because there are still many problems that can arise during any flooring installation, which can cause a headache for anyone inexperienced attempting to install their own floor.

To save yourself time and trouble, it’s best to choose a contractor that knows everything there is to know about installing engineered wood in your home. Plus, with the money you save on purchasing engineered instead of solid wood, hiring a contractor to install floors that will last your home’s lifetime can still be entirely cost-effective!

Use ServiceWhale for Your Engineered Wood Floor Installation

Now that you’ve decided to hire a contractor for your engineered wood installation, where do you find them? Instead of the hassle of doing research yourself and comparing several onsite estimates that you have to go through the trouble of scheduling, use ServiceWhale to find your flooring installation contractor.

With the site’s instant quote platform, you can locate the top contractors in your area in no time and compare reviews and ratings side-by-side to ensure you find the best specialist for the job. Answer a few simple questions about your flooring job, pick a contractor and get your beautiful new floor installed in no time!

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