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Is It Time for Flat Roof Replacement?

Find a Professional Flat Roof Replacement Cost in Halethorpe MD | ServiceWhale - Service city - 1

You may want to put off replacing your flat roof for a while even when you have a leak, opting instead for a quick patch-up, but there will eventually come a point when you just can’t put it off any longer. Therefore, you then have to ask yourself: how can you tell that it’s time to replace your roof? Frankly, if your roof is already leaking, it’s time for a replacement. Get ahead of the game by checking for other signs of oncoming roof damage, such as missing shingles or patches of moisture. Once you’ve determined you need a replacement, it’s time to consider the costs of a new flat roof.

Roof Replacement Specifics

Of course, there are many factors that will determine the cost of your roof replacement; you won’t be able to find a simple number answer.

  • Generally speaking, though, the cost of your flat roof being replaced is not as steep as replacing a shingled, sloped roof. The coating materials are usually less expensive than shingles, and since flat roofs are on either a very slight incline or none at all, they aren’t nearly as labor-intensive, saving you on installation costs.
  • BUR (built-up roofing) is the term used for tar and gravel roofing, and it will generally be the least expensive option to replace your flat roof.
  • Modified bitumen will be slightly more expensive, but it is reflective thanks to the light color of its mineral coating, which will help you save on energy costs.
  • Rubber is a much more expensive flat roofing option, but it is highly scuff and tear-resistant and is the easiest of the options to patch. It might be worth it in the long run to invest in a more expensive rubber flat roof now.

Replacing a Roof with a Contractor

To get the most mileage from your roof and avoid making installation errors, it’s highly recommended you use a contractor for your flat roof installation or replacement. This is especially the case if you use materials like BUR or bitumen; they are much heavier than other materials and require extra care when installing. An improperly installed roof could be detrimental to your home, as it will be prone to leakage and water damage in the future. Your best bet for an effective roof that will hold up for decades before another replacement is necessary is to go with a contractor.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to replace your flat roof, start your contractor search with ServiceWhale. Our instant quote platform provides you with customized quotes from pre-screened contractors in your local area; we only present you with the best of the best to ensure you’re happy with any home improvement project contracted through us. Simply answer a few questions about your roofing replacement project, and you’ll be able to compare qualified contractors in no time—plus, we’ve even been told that our online instant quote platform is not only fast efficient, but fun as well! Compare reviews and ratings of different contractors side-by-side, and you will be able to make a decision and have your new flat roof underway as soon as possible. The only way you can make a mistake with ServiceWhale's help is by not seeking it out at all!

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