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Flat Roof Installation in Avon CT

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About Flat Roof Systems

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Flat roofs come in a variety of options and are used on residential, commercial, warehousing, out buildings and many other types of structure. They usually come in squares of 100 feet, and the prices for a square can vary widely from region to region. As with any form of roofing, when you make the choice to install these materials on your Avon CT building, you’ll want the very best in local contractors to tackle the job.

Styles of Application

There are three different styles of roofing that are most commonly applied. Each requires a certain set of tools, knowledge and expertise to ensure that the installation is performed properly and will stand the test of time as well as hold up to environmental factors and, if necessary, heavy use. These styles include:

  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR): a traditional kind of roof that is applied using hot tar and gravel, and built up from several levels of waterproofing material that are tarred between layers. This kind of roofing is very fire resistant and looks great when you want to create a roof deck. It also tends to be the least expensive.
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing: applied from a single level that is shot through with mineral-based wear. A torch-down system is used to heat the adhesive and stick it to the roof, though newer self-stick systems are available that are easier and can be safer. It is good for reflecting heat and saving energy bills.
  • Rubber Membrane (EPDM): this is a true form of rubber that has a texture similar to inner tubes, but is highly resistant to damage from the elements and sunlight. It is usually anchored down using glue, fasteners or stone ballasting. It is lightweight and excellent when resisting tearing and scuffing, as well as being very easy to patch should it spring a leak.

Finding the Best Contractor

When the time comes to find the right contractor for your flat coating roofing renovation, you need a process that’s easy, fun and takes the stress out of the process. That’s where ServiceWhale in Avon CT comes into the picture. There’s no more scouring ads for random roofers that may or may not have the skills or knowledge you need, and no more parade of in-house interviews and visits. Just answer some easy questions on our website, and you’ll get detailed quote breakdowns from all of the best local roofing contractors delivered right to your inbox.

In addition, you’ll be able to review profiles of each roofer with information about their business and detailed customer reviews and testimonials. All of this combines together to create a stress-free process that gives you confidence in knowing you’ve chosen the very best contractor for your home improvement job.

The next time you need a roofer or any home improvement specialist, turn to the certified professionals available through ServiceWhale. Our only goal is to provide you with only the top-rated professional, licensed and bonded contractors for your home renovation job and allow you peace of mind so that your next renovation job is as fun and exciting as it should be!

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