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Ideas to Replace Floor in Your Home

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Whether you’re renovating your entire home or looking to update just one room, changing your floor is a simple way to completely revamp the feel of a space. Before deciding what kind of floor to install, be sure to explore all of your options to make sure you are happy with your flooring for years to come.

For starters, think about the room in which you’re installing a new floor. What’s the function? Is there a lot of foot traffic or children at play? Does the room contain a lot of moisture from time to time?

Bathrooms and kitchens do contain a lot of moisture, of course, so with these floors, it’s best to go with something nonabsorbent. Laminates or wood floors look nice throughout most of the home, but for rooms where water on the floor is a common occurrence, ceramic tile is a better option.

For heavily trafficked but non-moist areas, there are many flooring options available. Hardwood is popular thanks to its timeless, cozy quality, and more and more people are choosing synthetic alternatives such as laminate or vinyl flooring that’s made to look like wood. Floating floors are a good option if you’re looking for a wood-flooring alternative that’s not permanently affixed to your house. Though it shouldn’t be used in rooms where spillage and dirt often come through, like foyers, carpet can easily cozy up a bedroom and is safe choice for children’s play rooms.

Replace Your Flooring with a Contractor

It’s also important to think about budget when choosing a flooring replacement—how much are you willing to invest in upfront costs? Are you willing to pay a little more now for top quality materials so that your floor lasts for decades? Additionally, going with a contractor instead of DIYing your floor installation may seem more expensive, but it would no doubt save you time and money in the long run.

Perhaps you’re replacing a tile floor that has cracks in it, despite only being a few years old. This means that your floor was no doubt installed incorrectly the first time around. In this case, a contractor is absolutely necessary—but not the same one you hired the first time, of course! This goes for any type of floor that’s been installed incorrectly. Prevent this from happening in the future by going with a contractor whose proven their expertise time and time again.

Use ServiceWhale To Find a Flooring Contractor

ServiceWhale pre-screens all the contractors for our instant quote platform, so you can feel at ease in your online search for a flooring specialist. Simply start by filling out our online form with a few questions about your flooring project. It’ll ask you, for example, the size of the space for the flooring project and whether you’ve already purchased flooring materials. Afterwards, you’ll be able to compare all the contractors in your area that fit the size and scale of your project. Easily compare the customized quotes, customer reviews and ratings to decide which contractors you’d like to speak with further. Then hire your contractor and get your floor replaced in no time!

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