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Personal Benefits of Green Roofs

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A roof that’s green is also known as a living roof and is completely covered in vegetation. It is generally planted on a waterproof membrane, and these roofs can include other features such as irrigation systems. This type of roofing is growing in popularity in many urban environments thanks to the number of personal and public benefits that greenhouse roofing elicits.

An individual household can benefit from a green roof system for a number of reasons. It will first and foremost help with energy costs, as a greenhouse roof provides further insulation to a house or building than would a standard roof. They also offer great noise reduction, so that soundproofing a building is relatively unnecessary when a living roof has been installed. For property management firms, greenhouse-style roofing on an apartment building can increase the building’s marketability, making it more attractive to prospective tenants who enjoy healthy city living.

Other Green Roofing Benefits

Construction for these roofs is great for bringing agriculture into urban environments. These roofs are beneficial not just for those living in buildings equipped with these special roofs, but also for the entire population of the city.

On an aesthetic level, these roofs can be far more attractive than standard apartment building roofing, as they can be landscaped to achieve a desired effect. Greenhouse systems also help decrease waste as they prolong the lives of the waterproof membranes installed on the roof. By adding more plants to urban spaces, these roofs contribute to overall improved air quality and help reduce the amount of smog present in a city.

More living roof installations in a city means more jobs are created. Installing these roofs demands labor from several different sects, including maintenance, landscape design and care, and manufacturing. ServiceWhale helps introduce you to these highly skilled professionals so that all of your roofing needs are met. Anything “green” can help you save on overall costs, but only if you hire the right team of professionals to help you along the way.

Install Green Systems with ServiceWhale

There’s no doubt your urban house or apartment building will benefit from a roof installation, and your neighbors will appreciate and admire it as well. But where do you begin? Installing these kinds of roofs is a very involved and specialized process, and there are many steps in between. From installing the initial roofing materials and other necessary equipment such as irrigation systems and planting the urban garden itself, this is not a DIY undertaking.

Luckily, with ServiceWhale, you can instantly find the best contractors in your local area. To get started, simply fill out our online form with some questions about your roofing project, such as the size of the space you’re looking to cover. You will instantly be presented with customized quotes on our quote comparison platform.

Compare contractor profiles side by side to make the best decision for your living roof installation project. You’ll be given access to real customer reviews and ratings as well as specifics included in each quote. Get started with ServiceWhale today and we’ll have your urban living roof installation underway in no time!

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