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Installing Bamboo Flooring in Glen Arm MD

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Should You Consider Bamboo Floor Installation?

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For homeowners looking to revamp their floors, here are many hardwood alternatives on the market. Some of these, such as laminate or vinyl, are man-made materials that are easy to maintain but don’t always contain the same aesthetic appeal. Another option that’s growing in popularity is bamboo.

Installing bamboo has long been popular in parts of Asia, and bamboo has historically been used as a building material for anything from houses to fences. Over the past decade or so, bamboo has become an increasingly more popular flooring choose for Americans as well—for many good reasons.

For starters, bamboo is known for its rapid growth period, which makes it a highly sustainable, renewable natural material. Choosing bamboo is an ecologically sound option for any home; there’s always more of where that came from. Since it is a grass and not a tree, bamboo takes much less time to grow to full maturity than hardwood trees.

Bamboo can also be just as hard as any wood used in hardwood flooring planks, depending on the species of bamboo used to make the floor planks. There are also types of bamboo flooring that have been manufactured specifically for durability, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the strength and hardness of hardwood if you choose to opt for bamboo instead.

The style of bamboo also can’t be ignored: its traditional light color and textured surface are very distinctive, setting any home apart with a clean, airy, inviting feel. Now, though, bamboo manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors and stains, so you can find the right bamboo flooring to fit any home aesthetic. And though the surface may change over time, bamboo flooring can easily be refinished to return it to that newly installed state.

Floor Installation Contractors in Glen Arm MD

Now that you’ve decided to go with the environmentally conscious option of bamboo floors, it’s time to get them in your home. The installation of bamboo flooring is made simple when you find the right contractor for your flooring project. The right contractor will know everything about the material and will be able to give advice on maintenance and care and advise you on how to know when bamboo needs to be refinished. Whether or not this is your first time installing new floors in a new home or you’ve renovated several houses in your lifetime, never underestimate the importance of a top quality contractor!

Use ServiceWhale for Installing Bamboo Floor

ServiceWhale is here to simplify the process of finding a contractor for you. All you have to do is visit the online instant quote platform and start answering a few simple questions about your bamboo installation project: what’s the size of the space you’re looking to cover? When do you need the installation done by? Have you purchased your materials?

Afterwards, you’ll have access to all of the prescreened contractors in your area that fit your project specifications. You’ll be able to compare contractor profiles side-by-side, including real customer reviews and ratings. Long gone are the days of inviting various contractors and flooring companies to come out to your home and give you a quote on top of potential estimate costs. Choosing the right contractor is that simple—get started with your new floors today!

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