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Process of Installing Roof Shingles in Carmel NY

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Install Roof Shingles: Different Materials Used

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Are you in the market for a new roof shingle installation? Perhaps you have a leaky roof and just can’t put off replacing it any longer, or maybe you simply want a roof upgrade in order to increase your home’s value before selling. Regardless of intention, there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding it’s time to install the roof shingles on your home.

First, what type of shingles should you install? Asphalt is the most popular choice, thanks to its durability, easy installation due to its lightweight makeup, and effectiveness when properly layered. This type of roof shingle can last up to 30 years without needing replacement, especially when high winds aren’t an issue. Some people opt for designer shingles, which tend to be the most pleasing to look at and also add to your home’s overall value. These are often asphalt shingles that are arranged in specific patterns to look like another material.

Alternatively, some opt for natural materials that are even more costly than designer shingles yet often achieve the most desirable aesthetic effect. Wood shakes can give a home a lot of character, but since they are prone to mold and mildew, they have to be properly treated and require a lot of upkeep. Clay tiles can satisfy homeowners with southwestern or Italian architect style homes, and though expensive, they do tend to last a long time. Clay and slate tiles both offer good fire protection and are some of the most aesthetically pleasing tiles—often associated with upscale homes—but due to heaviness, they are also some of the trickiest to install.

Choosing a Contractor for Roof Shingles Installation

When installing roofing shingles, it’s best to go with a seasoned professional instead of trying to do it yourself. This is because having a properly installed roof is vital to preventing future water damage, which could cost you multiple thousands of dollars down the road. Your contractor will be well equipped with the knowledge necessary for installing shingles of any material.

They will know what kinds of treatments you’ll need, including whether to use coating for shingles, and whether additional roofing support is required, such as in cases with clay tiles. Additionally, a shingle roof installation is a dangerous undertaking; unless you’ve trained properly, there’s no need to stand on your roof for long hours under a potentially hot sun just to make a mistake that costs you much more down the line than you saved up front by DIY-ing it.

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Simply fill out the online form with questions about your roofing project, like square footage and the type of material being used. Then, you will be presented with customized quotes from qualified professionals in your local area. Compare real customer reviews and ratings to help decide which contractor is right for you. Get your new roof installed in no time!

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