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How Does Installing Wood Floors on Concrete Work?

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Hardwood flooring has long been a hot commodity for homeowners. It adds endless aesthetic appeal and warmth to a home and is doubtlessly an investment that adds to a house’s overall value, as it’s always attractive to future buyers. There are many other qualities of hardwood that make it attractive too, for instance:

  • Hardwood floors are durable
  • They are easier to keep clean
  • It can improve the aesthetics of nearly any space
  • This type of flooring is a timeless style that will always be popular

A lot of advancements in technology and manufacturing for adhesive methods have been made over the past few decades, to even further improve the hardwood flooring experience. If your home was built on a concrete slab, there are a few different ways for your contractor to install wood floor over concrete.

Wood floors over concrete can also be installed with different adhesives, such as glue. You will first have to install a plywood underlayment. If you want to install wood floor on concrete without permanently affixing the hardwood floor to your home, one solution is to get a floating floor. Floating floors are made to exactly fit the space they’re made for and go right on top of the existing floor without having to be nailed down or otherwise permanently affixed. Wood planks for floating floors come in a variety of different finishes and thicknesses.

All of these options come with their own set of challenges and are not for the fair-weather DIY-er. Therefore, your best option for installing engineered wood flooring over concrete is to hire an experienced contractor. Otherwise, you could run into major flooring issues.

Find A Wood Floor Installation On Concrete Contractor

There are plenty of issues that flooring installation contractors would know to look out for when installing wood floors over your concrete slab. There are many tedious details that need not be overlooked when installing these types of floors, such as making sure the concrete is completely dry and not affected by existing exterior problems with your water.

Your contractor will know how to solve all of these problems, saving you time on endless research and preparation. They will be equipped with all of the materials necessary for any potential obstacle and will get through the process much more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, by choosing to have a contractor take care of the installation, you’re sure to avoid mislaying your floors or improperly preparing flooring materials, which would have potentially caused you problems down the road.

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