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Metal Roof Installation in Lakeside CT

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Why Metal Roofing Installation?

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There are lots of roofing material options available on the market, each with its own merits and drawbacks. Instead of traditional slate shingles or wood shakes, many people these days are opting for a sheet metal roofing installation. But why?

Metal roofs have many attractive qualities for certain homeowners. For one thing, it can be very aesthetically pleasing. Certain metal roofs truly add to the beauty of a home; for example, thanks to oxidation, a copper roof will develop a green patina over time, which many homeowners find especially desirable. When installing a meta roof, you can also have it painted any color with paint made especially for metal in the outdoors.

When installed properly, a metal roof should last for decades—at least as long as the home itself. Unlike certain other roofing materials, metal is resistant to almost all of the elements: it is fireproof, resistant to rot and insects, and can survive high winds and water damage. Since it generally comes in wide panels instead of small individual shingles and is much lighter, metal roof install time is often much shorter than that for other materials, thus saving you on labor costs.

There are, of course, a few drawbacks to installing metal roofs that homeowners should be aware of when making a final decision. Metal roofs can be noisier than other roofs, especially during rainstorms—some find this cozy while others can’t stand it. It’s possible to add materials underneath when you install metal roofing in order to soundproof your home, but this of course will add to the overall cost of your roof installation. Additionally, some metal roofing can dent easily due to falling branches or hail, but there are certain types of metal roofing that come with no-dent guarantees.

Use a Contractor to Install a Metal Roof

Installing a metal roof properly takes a lot of time and care. The area must be measured properly, and certain homes will require extra layers of insulation. Any improper installation method may eventually be detrimental to your home—installing metal roof is not a do-it-yourself project. You want to be sure you pick the best contractor for the job so that your metal roof lasts a lifetime, protecting your home from the outside.

Roofing Installation with ServiceWhale

Ready to get started installing your metal roof but don’t have a contractor lined up? ServiceWhale can help. We’ve prescreened all of our contractors so you don’t have to waste time doing all the research and comparing on-site quotes. Simply answer a few questions about your roofing installation project, such as the materials to be used and square footage, and you’ll be able to compare all the most qualified contractors in your area side-by-side.

In a matter of moments, you’ll be given customized quote specifics from each contractor as well as customer reviews and ratings so that you can be sure you’re making the best choice for your home. We strive to provide you with all the knowledge you could ever need on a contractor, so that you can feel confident in your decision about who will be working on your home. Don’t wait—get started with ServiceWhale and have your new roof installed in no time!

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