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Roof Fan Installation in Barclay MD

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Why Roof Fan Installation?

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Depending where you live, constantly running the air conditioning can get pretty expensive. Your electricity bill in the summer months may be astronomical when compared with the fall and winter. But you likely don’t want to stifle everyone in your home, either. What to do?

Installing a roof fan—also referred to as a whole house fan—can help significantly lower your energy costs when you run that instead of an air conditioner. Of course, whole house fans aren’t meant to be used at the same time as air conditioning, but rather in lieu of it—you don’t want to waste all that expensive, conditioned air by pumping it outside! But for those who live in areas with shorter warm seasons and cooler summer nights, such as in the northern United States, a roof fan can be very economical.

On cool nights after long, hot days, it only takes a few minutes for a roof fan to cool the entirety of a house to the outside temperature. This helps save on energy costs even in homes with central air. As long as the AC isn’t running in conjunction with the fan, you’ll be saving money.

When Not to Install a Roof Fan

It’s important to consider the general outside conditions when thinking of installing a roof fan in your home. This is because the air conditioner exchanges air inside your home for the air outside of it. So, if you live in a particularly humid area and you run a de-humidifying air conditioner all day long, turning the roof fan on will actually make your home feel warmer, as it will bring up the moisture levels inside your home.

Additionally, those who live in very dusty areas or areas with lots of pollen might want to think twice about running a whole house fan, especially if they have dust allergies or related sensitivities. You don’t want to make all your furniture dusty simply by turning on a fan!

If these aren’t the case in your situation, though, a roof fan will tremendously help lower your carbon footprint and thus your total energy costs.

Find a Fan Installation Contractor with ServiceWhale

Installing a roof fan takes a lot of electrical skills that most people, frankly, just don’t have. In order to have your whole house fan installed properly and get your house cooled down, it’s important (and much safer) to have an experienced professional take care of the installation.

ServiceWhale’s instant quote platform will help you locate the best fan installation contractors in your local area in mere minutes. Simply fill out our online form with specifics about your home improvement project and you will be presented with instant, customized quotes, along with real customer reviews and ratings for each contractor. No need to schedule and compare tedious on-site quotes, as all of our contractors have been prescreened to ensure we only list the best of the best.

With this simple process, you can eliminate the anxiety and stress that is often associated with home improvement and home maintenance projects. Without even leaving your couch, you can find the perfect contractor to install one of these energy saving fans in your home. Our process is a win-win because not only do you get to save yourself time and money in the short-term, but you can also rest assured knowing that the improvements our contractors make will continue to influence your home in the long-term.

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