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Effects of Roof Heat Tape Installation

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What is a Roof Heat Tape Installation?

Discover Roof Heat Tape Installation Options in Cold Spring NY | ServiceWhale - Service city - 1

There are many methods people resort to in order to reduce their energy use at home to help cut costs over a period of time. One such method is installing roof heat tape. Roof heat tape, or roof heating cables, is installed to help prevent ice dams from building up on your roof in the winter.

Benefits of Roof Heating Cables

There are many benefits that come along with installing roof heating cables. Heat cables can help extend the life of your roof, so you get as many years of use out of it as possible. Heavy snowfall can greatly impact the integrity of your roof, particularly if you live in an area where you regularly get storms leaving several feet of snow during the winter. Heat tape will melt snow as it lands on your roof, ensuring that your roof is never holding up too much weight at once. It will help preserve your shingles and flashing, which without heat tape, would show early signs of wear thanks to heavy snowfall.

Heat cables also protect your roof from the harmful effects of ice dams. Ice dams are the ice that builds up on your roof and prevents snow from draining, causing possible water damage from water that gets trapped behind the dams. Heat tape prevents this issue, as it doesn’t allow ice dams to form.

Another positive side effect of installing heat tape is that it will protect loved ones and visitors in your home. Runoff from dripping ice dams can sometimes cause slippery patches on driveways, and falling ice and snow is dangerous for any people or property moving under your roof. Since heat tape prevents ice from forming and directs melting snow toward an intended drainage path, this hazard is eliminated.

Installing Heat Tape on Your Roof

Of course, installing any sort of cable or heating system on a roof is a hazardous undertaking, especially for non-experienced individuals. A contractor will be able to ensure that your roof heat tape is installed properly and effectively so that you can get as much use out of it as possible. The cost of installing roof heat tape will vary depending on the size of your house, as the material is generally priced by the linear foot. Installation generally takes a day, if not less.

When searching for a roofing contractor to install heat cables and prepare your roof for winter, be sure to use ServiceWhale’s instant quote platform. After answering a few simple questions about your heat tape installation project, such as the size of your roof and desired completion date, you’ll be presented with customized quotes from the best contractors in your local area.

At ServiceWhale, we understand that hiring a contractor to work on your home can be a nerve-wrecking process, which is why we strive to simplify everything for you. We can offer you full profiles and reviews on each of our contractors, so that you can rest assured knowing you can fully trust the person who will be working on your home. Compare real customer reviews and ratings side by side, as well as what’s included in each contractor’s quote before making a decision.

Get started with ServiceWhale today and have your roof winter-ready in no time.

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