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Rubber Flooring Installation in Lewes DE

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Why Opt for Rubber Flooring Installation?

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Traditionally speaking, rubber has long been a popular flooring choice for high-trafficked commercial spaces, thanks to its durability and low maintenance. Now, however, more and more people are deciding to use this industrial material to floor some of the rooms in their homes. Why?

For starters, thanks to advancements in technology and a rise in market demand, there are more rubber flooring options available than ever. Rubber floors come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures, meaning there’s an option that will fit the style of essentially any home. It’s also very low maintenance. Natural rubber may be prone to staining, but synthetic rubbers that are developed nowadays can be very stain resistant and easy to keep clean.

More About This Unique Flooring

The main qualities you will need to keep in mind about this unique flooring choice are:

  • Large variety in colors and patterns
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy on the feet

As you can see, rubber floors are a great solution for nearly any home or office.

Rubber flooring is probably most attractive to homeowners thanks to its durability. If properly installed and depending on the environment, you can expect your rubber floor tiles to last at least a few decades. Despite this durability, however, it’s a soft material as well—it helps relieve fatigue associated with standing or walking for long periods of time, which is why it’s a popular choice for many retail locations.

Many people choose to install a rubber floor in their kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. This is because it is a nonporous material, making it water resistant. Basic spills won’t damage your rubber floor, making it an even more low maintenance. Additionally, rubber floors are resistant to fire and burning.

Installing Rubber Floors with A Contractor

Rubber floors can be costly—good quality materials are very important in this case—so you want to be sure you get the most out of your investment. It’s crucial that your rubber floors be installed properly. Luckily, hiring a contractor who’s proven to know what they’re doing all but guarantees your floors will be installed to last.

If you are installing a floor in a high-moisture environment, your installation process will become more complicated. There may need to be an additional vapor barrier or acquire floor tiles that have been specially treated for such environments. Your contractor will need to be an expert on installing rubber floors in any environment so that your floors have the longevity you deserve.

Rubber Floor Install with ServiceWhale

Thankfully, ServiceWhale is here to ensure you find a rubber flooring contractor that is an expert at installation and maintenance. All of the contractors in ServiceWhale’s instant quote platform have been prescreened to ensure we only present you with the best of the best.

To get started with your rubber flooring project, simply visit our website and start filling out the online form. You’ll answer a few questions about your flooring project, such as the size of the space and specific materials to be used. Then you will be able to compare all the ratings and reviews for contractors that fit your project in your local area on your own time—no need to schedule annoying onsite quotes just for comparison’s sake! Visit ServiceWhale today and you’ll have a great new rubber floor installed in no time.

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