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Tile Roof Installations and Replacement in Tilghman MD

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Why Choose Roof Tiles for Your Tilghman MD Home?

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Is it time to replace the roof on your home? Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade the exterior of your house, or maybe renovate to increase its value? Whatever your reason for being in the market for a new roof, you should consider installing tile on your roof.

Despite being known to be more expensive than other roofing options, such as asphalt or metal roofs, roofing with tiles have many benefits that make them a popular choice among homeowners. Their aesthetic appeal simply can’t be ignored; a tiled roof adds an upscale touch to any house, making it more attractive to potential buyers should you decide to sell in the future.

Tile can often be a heavy roofing material, making it slightly harder to install than other options. However, this makes it more durable than other materials and thus it will last longer without needing to be replaced. If you live somewhere where harsh weather conditions are commonplace, tiled roofs are known to stand up better than other options. Additionally, tile on a roof is great for insulation. It can help you save on energy costs while still keeping you cool in summertime and warm in colder months.

Different Materials for Roofing Tile

There are several different types of tile used for roofing. Traditional Spanish clay tiles have a terra cotta-colored appearance, adding a final touch to a Mediterranean style home. Slate tiles are another very traditional choice for roofing. They often appear on colonial or French style homes and have a distinctive, layered look that many attempt to replicate with other materials.

Cement tile lasts a long time and can be made in many different styles, but it is extremely heavy and brittle, causing it to break more easily when walked on. Therefore, it is mostly only used in new constructions rather than as a replacement roof, as installation can be especially tricky.

Synthetic tiles are also a good roofing option for many. Made from man-made materials, those of higher quality can look exceptionally like other more traditional materials. They are much more lightweight, making installation an easier undertaking, thus would save anyone on labor costs. Depending on your priorities, a synthetic roof may be a good investment.

Use ServiceWhale to Find a Roofing Contractor

Since a roof with tile is such an investment in your home and its future, proper installation is crucial. ServiceWhale can help. We prescreen all of our contractors to ensure you only get the best of the best. By answering some simple questions about your roofing project, such as types of tiles used and square footage, we can automatically provide you customized quotes from local contractors on our instant quoting platform. All you have to do is simply:

  • Input information on your project
  • Browse through the complete quotes
  • Choose the right contractor and price for you
  • Get started on your roofing project!

Compare profiles complete with customer reviews and ratings side-by-side. See what’s included in each quote to find the best roofing contractor for your project, all from the comfort of your own computer screen. Get your new roof installed today!

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Find Tile Roofing Contractors and Their Prices in Tilghman MD | ServiceWhale - Service city - 2
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