[ { "id" : 107, "biname" : "Dior Construction", "city" : "Hackensack", "stateCode" : "NJ", "publicId" : "dior-construction-12189-hackensack-nj", "intro" : "Dior Construction is a family owned and operated company specializing in all systems of roofing for residential and commercial properties. From shingle to metal to bitumen torch down, TPO, and EPDM. We have expertise in vinyl siding installation and repair, as well as seamless gutter installation. Our seamless gutters are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. There is no job too big or too small. We are also a GAF certified company which means we are able to offer our asphalt shingle customers a lifetime warranty. At Dior Construction, we care about our clients, and we maintain ongoing relationships to ensure our projects stand the test of time. Being GAF Certified, we are able to offer the BEST warranty in the roofing industry. Whether it be insulated, vinyl, or wood shake, our knowledgable crews are able to install all types of siding. Our custom-made seamless gutters come in every size, shape, and color.", "licenses" : [ "NJ" ], "score" : "5", "reviewsCount" : 11, "logoId" : 1634, "biId" : 12189, "biAccountId" : 1914, "locationCity" : "Hackensack", "locationPostal" : "07601", "locationStateCode" : "NJ", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-74.05494900000001 40.889922)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : 1699, "mainPictureId" : 1633, "biDistance" : 24.65951583209205, "serviceCategories" : [ "WINDOWS_DOORS", "ROOF", "SIDING" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "212 Prospect Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601", "ratingUrls" : { "urls" : [ { "ratingType" : "YELP", "url" : "http://www.yelp.com/biz/dior-construction-hackensack", "enabled" : false }, { "ratingType" : "GOOGLE_PLUS", "url" : "https://plus.google.com/103440658462571140650/posts", "enabled" : false } ] }, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : null, "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : null }, { "id" : 94, "biname" : "George J Keller & Sons LLC", "city" : "Flanders", "stateCode" : "NJ", "publicId" : "george-j-keller-and-sons-llc-10272-flanders-nj", "intro" : "George J. Keller & Sons, LLC is a second generation family-owned home improvement company specializing in Roofing, Siding, Windows and Solar. We started as a “Mom & Pop” roofing company in 1980 working out of our Dad’s house in Flanders, with one truck and one roofing crew. We’re now one of the area’s most well respected small businesses with ten crews being directed out of our facility on Laurel Drive in Flanders. We’ve been here since 2004 and we’re not going anywhere, anytime soon! Dan Keller is the owner of the business, having taken over from his Dad, George, upon his retirement in 2007. Dan feels tied to the company with a huge sense of pride over the work that they do. Dan feels a huge commitment to doing the right thing for his customers, many of whom are repeat purchasers of the company’s services. With our commitment to the company and the Flanders area, comes the knowledge that we’re not going anywhere. Our passion and drive to be the Premier Home Improvement Company in Northern NJ is reflected in our work ethic and our willingness to go the extra yard for our clients.", "licenses" : [ "NJ" ], "score" : "4", "reviewsCount" : 27, "logoId" : 1522, "biId" : 10272, "biAccountId" : 1685, "locationCity" : "Flanders", "locationPostal" : "07836", "locationStateCode" : "NJ", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-74.7010805 40.8435976)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : 2937, "mainPictureId" : 1523, "biDistance" : 26.640681380054808, "serviceCategories" : [ "WINDOWS_DOORS", "SIDING", "ROOF" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "5 Laurel Dr, Flanders, NJ 07836", "ratingUrls" : { "urls" : [ { "ratingType" : "YELP", "url" : "http://www.yelp.com/biz/george-j-keller-and-sons-llc-flanders", "enabled" : false }, { "ratingType" : "GOOGLE_PLUS", "url" : "https://plus.google.com/103192589502169125933/about", "enabled" : false } ] }, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : null, "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : null }, { "id" : 158, "biname" : "Trinity Design And Development Co LLC", "city" : "Sparta", "stateCode" : "NJ", "publicId" : "trinity-design-and-development-co-llc-12581-sparta-nj", "intro" : "The experienced and dependable members of the Trinity Design And Development Team are the property development professionals that you can trust with your project, no matter the size. Our focus on quality, creativity and value results in the satisfaction and stress-free experience you`re looking for. We understand and respect the fact that your home and property are sacred to you. Trinity Design And Development will always honor your goals and wishes. While we can offer ideas and suggestions for your projects, we`ll never step out of bounds with any unwanted surprises. We invite you to view some examples of our work and read some of the comments our clients have shared with us. Then contact Trinity Design And Development and share with us how we can make YOUR dream a reality.", "licenses" : [ "NJ" ], "score" : "5", "reviewsCount" : 1, "logoId" : null, "biId" : 12581, "biAccountId" : 2971, "locationCity" : "Sparta", "locationPostal" : "07871", "locationStateCode" : "NJ", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-74.6772038 41.043564)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : null, "mainPictureId" : null, "biDistance" : 34.44997750905119, "serviceCategories" : [ "WINDOWS_DOORS", "ROOF", "SIDING" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "54 Farmbrook Road Sparta, New Jersey 07871", "ratingUrls" : null, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : null, "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : null } ]

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Colonia NJ Home Window & Door Contractors

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Hackensack , NJ , 24.7 miles
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Flanders , NJ , 26.6 miles
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