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[ { "id" : 106, "biname" : "Dior Construction", "city" : "Hackensack", "stateCode" : "NJ", "publicId" : "dior-construction-12189-hackensack-nj", "intro" : "Dior Construction is a family owned and operated company specializing in all systems of roofing for residential and commercial properties. From shingle to metal to bitumen torch down, TPO, and EPDM. We have expertise in vinyl siding installation and repair, as well as seamless gutter installation. Our seamless gutters are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. There is no job too big or too small. We are also a GAF certified company which means we are able to offer our asphalt shingle customers a lifetime warranty. At Dior Construction, we care about our clients, and we maintain ongoing relationships to ensure our projects stand the test of time. Being GAF Certified, we are able to offer the BEST warranty in the roofing industry. Whether it be insulated, vinyl, or wood shake, our knowledgable crews are able to install all types of siding. Our custom-made seamless gutters come in every size, shape, and color.", "licenses" : [ "NJ" ], "score" : "5", "reviewsCount" : 11, "logoId" : 1634, "biId" : 12189, "biAccountId" : 1914, "locationCity" : "Hackensack", "locationPostal" : "07601", "locationStateCode" : "NJ", "locationGeom" : "POINT (-74.05494900000001 40.889922)", "locationGeomSource" : "GEOCODER", "managerPhotoId" : 1699, "mainPictureId" : 1633, "biDistance" : 20.434049491123258, "serviceCategories" : [ "WINDOWS_DOORS", "ROOF", "SIDING" ], "profileType" : "STANDARD", "activeTwhrListing" : false, "activePlumListing" : false, "getQuoteOnlineAvailable" : false, "biAddressString" : "212 Prospect Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601", "ratingUrls" : { "urls" : [ { "ratingType" : "GOOGLE", "url" : null, "reviewsCount" : 5, "rating" : 5.0, "enabled" : true }, { "ratingType" : "YELP", "url" : "", "reviewsCount" : 5, "rating" : 5.0, "enabled" : true } ] }, "foundingYear" : null, "employeesNumber" : null, "videoUrl" : null, "certifiedBrands" : null } ]

Siding Contractors in Mountain Lakes NJ

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Hackensack , NJ , 20.4 miles
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