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We believe it should be as easy
to purchase a home improvement
project as it is to buy a pair of shoes

The typical process for hiring a contractor for a major project requires homeowners
to spend nearly 30 hours of their time researching, scheduling estimates, and
reviewing quotes. ServiceWhale changes all of that. Our patent-pending quoting
technology allows contractors to give accurate prices instantly. That means you can
compare multiple quotes and hire a great contractor in just minutes.

ServiceWhale is a powerful tool for homeowners,
here are some tips to help you take full advantage of it

Find what you’re looking for

Sort your quotes by price, contractor rating or the contractor closest to your home.

Make yourself available

Send your phone number to contractors so you can ask questions
about their quotes over the phone

Meet contractors in person

If you’d like to meet with a contractor before booking a project,
send them your contact information and preferred times for a visit

Start a conversation

Send the contractor of your choice any questions or comments
regarding your job or their services.

Negotiate a great deal

Every price you see on ServiceWhale is
negotiable. If you think you can get a better deal,
send the contractor your best offer

Tell contractors you’re interested

Have contractors confirm prices by “locking them in”.
The contractor will review the details of your project and
either confirm the price or adjust it.

Seal the deal

Some contractors generate firm prices automatically that you
can order on the spot (all others will need to be approved by the
contractor before you can book).

Order with confidence.

Once you book your project your price is backed by our ServiceWhale Guarantee.
If the contractor tries to increase the price of the job without changing the project details, we’ll pay the difference!