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10 Things Contractors Do That Customers Hate

Here at ServiceWhale, we do our best to associate only with contractors who are honest, fair and good at their jobs. However, as any homeowner would know, there are contractors out there who aren’t so concerned with being the best. We have compiled a list of ten things contractors do that customers just hate, so that homeowners may relate and contractors can refer to it.

1. Failing to Communicate

There is nothing worse than having a contractor with whom you can’t communicate. Not only can this affect contractor-to-customer issues, but also the entire construction team working on the project. With ServiceWhale, you have the opportunity to easily message and communicate with contractors before the job has even started.

2. Subcontracting

When a contractor delegates his work to someone else, this is called subcontracting. It is not fair to the homeowner who has made plans with the initial contractor, as the subcontractor may not have all the details. With ServiceWhale, you can expect professional work directly from the contractors you hired.

3. Producing Low-Quality Work

Lack of communication and subcontracting can both attribute to low-quality work, which is definitely something a paying customer would hate. If they paid for a specific service, and that service was executed poorly, they will have to have it re-done (and pay for it again). ServiceWhale only uses trusted and highly rated contractors, saving you from the cost and trouble of low-quality work.

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4. Extending the Timeline

Before work on a project starts, a finishing date is usually given so the customer will know how long the job will take. However, sometimes a contractor will extend this time period for no reason at all. It’s acceptable if the weather is bad, or there has been an emergency, but oftentimes, that isn’t that case. ServiceWhale’s contractors make your job a priority, saving you from long, drawn out jobs that cost extra time and money.

5. Lacking Cleanliness

Time and time again, you will hear about how contractors and their crews leave behind a giant mess after they are done with their project. Homeowners hate having to pick up after a large group of people, who have left behind dangerous items, such as nails and broken glass. After our ServiceWhale contractors have completed the job, it will look like they were never there.

6. Springing Additional Fees

When all is said and done, customers hate to find out that they are paying more than was initially established. There are times when these contractors won’t even have a reason for the price increase. ServiceWhale’s system allows you to see your project’s total cost, without surprise fees or additions.

7. Entering the Home Uninvited

Most customers don’t mind letting a contractor use the restroom, if need be, but customers hate it when contractors and construction men enter the home without asking, or at least knocking. ServiceWhale works with only the most respectful contractors in Philadelphia, saving you from rude, uninvited guests.

8. Having No Concern for Safety

Homeowners don’t appreciate when a contractor doesn’t ensure that his crew is following proper safety protocol. Not only are the workers subject to being injured, but the family that is coming and going from the house could get hurt too. At ServiceWhale, safety is a priority. Our contractors only use the safest, most up-to-date practices and procedures.

9. Dividing Attention

Contractors are busy people, as they usually have multiple clients, and their phones are always ringing. However, customers hate it when contractors act as if another customer or job is more important than they are. Our contractors will place their complete and total focus on the job at hand.

10. Hanging Out

Everyone needs to take a break every so often, but homeowners hate to walk outside and see a large part of the crew standing around while only a few continue to work. It makes them feel like they are paying for additional services that aren’t being used. ServiceWhale’s contractors are there to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

By choosing to use ServiceWhale, you can avoid the extra costs, annoyances and time associated with lazy, uncommunicative contractors. You can search for the best rates and the most experienced teams with our easy-to-use platform. If you want to avoid these ten tragedies, find your next contractor on ServiceWhale. You’ll be happy you did.


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