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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you quote a job online without seeing it first?

A: We have designed our platform so homeowners have to enter very specific details about their job. They have the ability to send pictures as well. Also, we have very specific terms and conditions that are included with each quote that are designed to protect contractors in the event that the homeowner describes their project inaccurately, or if there is something unforeseen about the project that wasn’t accounted for. You also have a section to put your own terms in. The bottom line is that you’re 100% protected from having to fulfill an order where you couldn’t make money.

Q: How do we get paid? Does the homeowner pay ServiceWhale and then you pay us?

A: No, homeowners never have to pay ServiceWhale in order to book a project online. As far as collecting payment from customers, your processes will remain exactly the same as they are today. You can still offer financing or any other specific payment terms that you
would normally offer.

Q: What happens if the service gets cancelled after a customer orders their project on ServiceWhale?

A: If the homeowner and the contractor agree to cancel the service after the initial booking, then you don’t owe us anything for that order and any money deducted from your $200 deposit will be refunded immediately upon cancellation.


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