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7 Signs That Your Plumbing Needs Attention

Your plumbing is possibly the most vital system throughout your entire house, and maintaining your plumbing is essential keeping your family comfortable and happy. Performing regular upkeep on your system is a great way to prevent a small issue from turning into something expensive and overwhelming. Keep reading to learn seven signs that you might need plumbing maintenance that will help you maintain the overall health and functioning of your system.


  • You Notice Leaking


First, you need to look out for leaks coming from your toilet, sinks, bathtubs and any other faucets around your home. Even the smallest leak should be looked into in order to prevent a larger problem in the future. Having a professional examine a minor issue will likely require a simpler and cheaper fix than if you wait until the leak becomes major.



  • Your Water Bill Is Higher Than Usual

    If you’re using the same amount of water as you usually do, but your water bill is increasing in cost, this could be a sign that your plumbing system is failing. A drastic increrase in your water bill is often the culprit of an unseen problem, such as malfunctioning equipment or a behind the scenes leak, which means you need to take immediate action.
  • Your Water Pressure Is Weak

    If take a shower or turn on the faucet in your kitchen and notice that your water pressure is weaker than usual, your plumbing might need attention. A weak flow of water could signal a clog that is blocking your water from coming through as strongly as it should be.
  • Your Water Won’t Drain

    Have you noticed water pooling in your sink or shower? If you’ve tried all the usual methods, like a pipe snake, boiling water, or Drano aren’t working, you could be facing a very serious issue. Get an opinion from a plumbing professional to see if you have a broken pipe.
  • You’re Hearing Strange Sounds

    Knocking sounds coming from your pipes are a clear sign that your plumbing needs to be checked. A frequent cause of this sound is “water hammer,” which is caused by loose support straps, loose valves, pressurization or water pressure that is too high for your system.

    Make sure you get this checked out ASAP to prevent a pipe from breaking.
  • Your Water Isn’t Clear

    Murky water in your toilet, sink or shower almost always signals a plumbing issue that can’t be ignored. If your water is red, yellow or brown, there might be rust in it. This could be the result of pipes that are too old or a water main break around your home. Blue and green water generally means your copper plumbing is corroded, while cloudy water is a sign of air in your pipes.


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  • Your Home Has Old Faucets

    If your faucet is leaking, you can either repair or replace it. If it is an old faucet, your best bet is to buy a new faucet because the parts you’d need to replace the old one will be hard to come by. Regularly repair or replace old faucets to prevent leaking later on. Make sure, however, to have your plumbing contractor replace your faucets, as an improperly installed faucet can lead to more problems.


Frequent Plumbing Maintenance Prevents Big Problems

Ideally, the plumbing in your home will run quietly behind the scenes, providing you clean, hot water whenever you turn on a tap. However, when your plumbing runs into a problem, there’s no reason to panic. A little regular plumbing maintenance will maintain the health of your system and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.


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