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Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Bathroom Remodel

When you mention decorating or remodeling many people think kitchens, dens, even backyards, before they think of bathrooms. For an afterthought, though, people spend a surprising amount of time in there. The average American spends two and a half hours or more each week in the bathroom. This room needs to stop being an afterthought and start bringing you as much joy as other rooms in your home.

When considering a bathroom remodel there are a lot of choices to make, and depending on your budget, some things can be downright pricey. An inexpensive way to really liven up your bath or powder room is simple: paint. Simply changing the wall or ceiling (yep, you can totally paint your ceiling) color can dramatically change the look of your bathroom.

Choosing Color

When selecting your color scheme for your bathroom remodel, the most important thing is do you love it? If purple polka dots make you happy (and won’t enrage those living with you) paint the dots. If you want African jungle safari theme with every animal print in the book you can do that, too (although your real estate agent is sure to cringe). Bottom line, is make sure it makes you happy!

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A more common approach than dots or prints, is solid color. Don’t worry, these are not boring. When you make the appropriate selections, they will be anything but. The right colors can soothe and relax you, making for a perfect Zen- or spa-like room, or energize you to get ready for your busy day ahead.

Cool Colors

Think back to grade school art class…the cool colors on the color wheel: the blues and greens, make for a tranquil environment. A bathroom painted in these shades will soothe you, setting a relaxing, calming atmosphere. You can pair your soothing wall color with crisp white towels and linens, flowers, and candles for your perfect spa at home.

Warm Colors

Reds, yellows, and oranges are all energizing colors. They wake up the mind and heighten your senses. A bathroom painted orange, for example, can wake you up and get you in a hyped, pumped-up mood to take charge of your day. To prevent your bright shade from overtaking your room and being “too much”, pair with neutrals: a beige or cream tile, neutral accessories, etc.


Neutrals, when paired correctly, can give either a classic, casual or very high end look. Combining creams, beiges, greige (that gray/beige color popping up everywhere), and taupe can look very polished without trying too hard. To keep this look from being boring, choose interesting textures for your floor and fixtures, and use color on accessories to make things pop.


About Paint

Once you have chosen you color, you need to head to the store to buy paint. But know that not all paint is created equal. Paint comes in a variety of colors and styles, and you want to choose an appropriate one for the environment.

Paint comes in different finishes: matte, glossy, semi-gloss, etc. The most common choice for your bathroom is semi-gloss or satin. These paint finishes can hold up to the humid air of most bathrooms.

Additionally, because bathrooms are warm and moist, two things that mildew and mold thrive on, you will want to ensure you prime (or use self-priming paint) your drywall to remove the food source for mold.


The Down and Dirty

Painting can be very messy business, even in a room where you can clear everything out. And for a bathroom remodel, you typically can’t do that. Your tub, vanities, and commode are all likely staying in place.

You will want to tape these off and cover them the best you can to keep them from getting painted, too. This can be a lot for a busy homeowner to take on. Professional painters do this for a living and are adept at cutting in and painting around installed fixtures.

Using a trained ServiceWhale painter can save you headache and time while creating the bathroom of your dreams.


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