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Comparing Different Bathroom Flooring Options

It’s the prime home renovation season and this means thousands of people are looking at the big job of refreshing, re-facing and rebuilding their bathrooms. One of the most important decisions you can make in your bathroom remodeling job is what kind of floor to use. There are tons of options available, including some you might not normally consider. It can be tricky knowing which to choose. Review a number of different options for bathroom flooring and tips on how a professional home renovation contractor can help.


Vinyl and Linoleum Bathroom Flooring

Probably the most common, widely used and popular forms of bathroom flooring are vinyl tiles. Your ServiceWhale bathroom contractor can go over the wealth of style and patterns available, but this kind of floor is inexpensive and excellent for resisting damage and being a long-lasting option.

For those who want something more environmentally friendly with the same properties, go with linoleum, which is made from wood, limestone, linseed oil and cork powder. It’s all natural and has a very similar look, feel and wear to vinyl.


Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

When people think of a bathroom, the first image that comes to mind is that of classic ceramic or porcelain tile. The biggest advantage of these tiles are that they give a very classic and clean feel, they’re easy to clean and maintain and can be excellent for transmitting radiant heat. They can require more specialized tools and knowledge to install properly, however.

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Plastic Laminate

A newer kind of tiling, planked plastic laminate allows you to install almost any style or look in your bathroom you like. Have you always wanted hardwood in your bathroom, but you are afraid it can’t handle the moisture and maintenance? Go with a plastic laminate that looks like hardwood! Laminate is durable, looks great and is relatively inexpensive to install. It does require some special care in regards to handling moisture, but your contractor can advise you on that.


Natural Stone Tile

This modern natural aesthetic is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity. Natural stone tile lends a kind of energy and feel that is warm, welcoming and ideal for bathrooms. Whether you choose granite, marble, limestone or slate, there are patterns, looks and feels available for any taste. This kind of tile isn’t cheap, but it is top notch when it comes to durability and standing up to the kinds of heavy abuse that bathroom floors take.


Other Options

There are plenty of other options available, including cork, glass and even natural wood floor tiles that can be treated to withstand the moisture of bathroom flooring. Your best bet is to discuss what you need with your flooring contractor and make a choice with their advice and help.

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