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Cost of Cleaning Rain and Snow Messes from Carpet

While there is a lot to be excited about in regards to the coming winter season, there is a risk that homeowners across the country are preparing for: Snow and rain damage to their carpets. Without constant vigilance, it’s extremely easy for rain and snow messes to cause serious damage to your carpeting that results in big repair costs. However, because many homeowners are unaware of these costs, it’s important to examine them more closely.

Learn about the carpet repair costs that you can expect from rain and snow messes and find out why it’s so important to prevent this type of damage.

Removing Your Damaged Carpeting

After rain and snow infiltrates the carpeting in your home, you’ll probably be focused on soaking up as much of the moisture as possible. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, water can seep in too deeply to clean, meaning you will have to replace your damaged carpeting.

The first cost you need to be aware of in repairing carpet damage is the necessity of removing your old carpet and carpet padding. Each of these tasks cost between $4.20 and $123.00 for 120 square feet, or $0.04 and $1.03 per square foot. With your water damaged carpeting removed, you can move on to purchasing new carpeting for your home.

Purchasing New Materials

The biggest expense associated with rain and snow damage to your carpeting is buying new carpeting materials. However, because carpeting comes in such a wide range of styles and prices, it’s crucial that you look at these costs more closely before you make any material purchasing decision.

As with any flooring type, carpeting comes in a wide range, which results in a wide cost range. Carpeting, generally can cost between $183 (standard carpeting) to $1,053 (luxury carpeting) for 120 square feet, which is between $1.50 and $8.77 per square foot. As you can see, the costs of repairing water damaged carpeting can end up being very expensive depending on what type of carpeting was damaged.

Installing Your New Carpeting

Now that your old carpeting is removed and your new carpeting material has been purchased, you can finally think about installation, which also comes with costs that you should examine.

To begin with, you may have to pay the additional cost of having your subfloor leveling, which has a square footage cost between $80 and $150 per hour. If your subfloor is already properly leveled you will still have to pay for the standard installation and labor costs, which generally range between $0.73 and $1.28 per square feet.

At the completion of your damaged carpet repair, you can expect total carpet repair costs ranging from $2.58 to $13.80 per square foot.

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Prevent Carpet Repair Costs by Cleaning Snow and Rain

After examining typical carpet repair costs that can be the result of extensive rain and snow damage, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to stop this type of damage before it occurs. By performing such simple tasks as removing your shoes before you enter your home, making sure your doors stay closed and wiping up moisture as soon as it accumulates, you’ll be able to stop water damage in its tracks and save on repairing your important carpeting.


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