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Determining the Square Footage of a Roof

If you have been thinking about replacing your roof, there are many factors you need to take into account, and among the most important of these is the exact square footage or area of your roof. Generally speaking, you can do this by taking a few simple measurements and plugging them into a couple of equations, and once you have your final number, you can start determining your approximate costs for a brand new roof.

The contractors at ServiceWhale have years of experience replacing and installing new roofing, and with these four easy steps, we can help you when calculating the square footage of a roof.

#1: Measure the Dimensions

You will want to get a tape measure and start writing down some dimensions first. Start with the base of your home and measure all the ground dimensions of the space. After finding out the length and width, multiply the figures to calculate the ground area of your home. If you have an irregularly shaped house, measure the sections separately and add all the areas together. Once you have the ground area of your home itself, you can turn your attention to the amount of roofing needed.

#2: Convert the Area to Roofing Squares

Every 100 square feet of roof equals one roofing square, so after you have the ground area of your home, divide that number by 100 to calculate the number of roofing squares you will need for your roof.

#3: Calculate Your Pitch

You will need to grab a ladder and head up to the roof. Once you are up there, take a level and hold it horizontally against the roof about twelve inches above the bottom. You will then measure straight down to the roof using a tape measure. This number is your pitch. Less than six inches is a low pitch, six to nine is a medium pitch, and anything above nine is a high pitch.

If you do not want to get up on the ladder, you could also estimate your pitch by eyeballing your roof from ground level. Whenever you can be exact, however, you should be.

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#4: Calculate the Square Footage

Depending on your pitch, you will need to multiply the number of roofing squares by a specific number. For low pitch roofs, that number is 1.06 to 1.08; medium pitch is 1.12 to 1.25 and high pitch is 1.42. The number you get after multiplication is the square roof area.


Hire Service to Replace Your Roof

Measuring the square footage of a roof will allow you to come up with a solid idea of how much replacing your roof will cost. The process, however, can be made a lot more complicated by unreliable contractors. You should instead trust the team at ServiceWhale to handle your next roofing project.

With years of experience in the industry, our ServiceWhale contractors are screened and qualified, and ready to help you. So for more information on how to calculate the square footage of your roof or to learn about the many other services we provide, contact one of our representatives today.


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