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Featured Homeowner: Melanie Norris Shares Her Experience Using ServiceWhale

Just the other day, we had a delightful conversation with Melanie Norris, our featured homeowner. Melanie told us about her recent experience using ServiceWhale for her home improvement projects.

ServiceWhale: Hi Melanie, thank you so much for agreeing talk with us today about your experience using ServiceWhale.

Melanie Norris: You’re very welcome.

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SW: Can you tell me what type of home improvement project you were looking to have done?

Melanie NorrisMN: Sure. I was initially looking to have my kitchen re-done, but I couldn’t find one contractor that I thought was reliable. The big contractors all wanted thousands and thousands of dollars so I looked into having a handyman do the job but, he really didn’t have the skills to do it all.
Some things changed and there were a lot of different setbacks with regard to the project. I used ServiceWhale to find a painter and someone to install my floor – which actually turned out that it needs to be repaired first.

SW: How did you hear about ServiceWhale? What made you decide to try it?

MN: Actually, ServiceWhale came up in a Google search. I had already dealt with Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor but wasn’t getting the responses that I wanted so I just started Googling floor installers and ServiceWhale popped up.

SW: What was your experience like generating quotes on ServiceWhale?

MN: Oh I found it easy to get a quote on your website. I think you guys have a great service.

SW: That’s awesome that you found our website so easy to use. What else did you like about using ServiceWhale?

MN: What I liked about ServiceWhale is that I put in my request and providers come back with a bid, the other sites don’t offer that. With the other services I’ve used, you have to look for the type of contractor you want, then it’s up to you to contact them. It can be time consuming because you still have to wait for them get back to you. The fact that ServiceWhale offered several providers in the area with their pricing when I searched for a floor installer was amazing. I got 3 quotes immediately- Colonial Flooring was one of them.
I can’t say enough about how much I like that the prices come up right away because normally it takes a lot of time to call around to different contractors and most of them won’t give you a price over the phone.

SW: Would you prefer to find contractors through ServiceWhale in the future?

MN: Oh I will definitely come back. I understand you guys are new and I really like what you offer that the other sites don’t. Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor still leave it up to the customer to chase around contractors for quotes.

I loved having a range of prices to view from various contractors. I also noticed that ServiceWhale providers respond faster than Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor providers. Angie’s List does allow you to submit questions to the contractor but it takes a while for them to get back to you.

I had a contractor out to my house today who was from ServiceWhale and he told me that the cost was going to be a little bit more because of some additional work that is needed; they need to put in a sub floor. I kind of already knew that and understood that it would affect the price. He spent about 30-45 minutes at my home looking at the project and talking with me. He gave me a lot of helpful information

SW: Thank you very much for kind feedback. It is extremely import for us to know what our customers think and we are so glad you enjoyed the ease and convenience of our service.
What would you say to someone if they were on the fence about whether or not they should try ServiceWhale?

MN: I would definitely encourage them to give it a try. I think it would be helpful to also explain to them about difficulties I had with the other providers and also the positive experience I had with ServiceWhale.

SW: Melanie, it was truly a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you again for your time.

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