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Make Room in Your NYC Bathroom with Custom Storage Solutions

New York City may be home to big names and even bigger places, but living downtown can be another story entirely. Most homes and apartments in New York City—while wonderful—are on the smaller side, and it can feel especially cramped if you are remodeling. Even after spending tons of time and money to make sure everything is perfect, problems with storage space can feel impossible to solve. If you’re struggling to make room, read about a few custom storage solutions, courtesy of ServiceWhale, that can be used for any bathroom or built-in during a New York bathroom remodel.

Utilize Wall Space

Many homeowners are guilty of cramming everything they can into one room by adding as many pieces of furniture and décor as they can. Empty rooms aren’t exactly charming, but neither are bathrooms where you can barely reach the sink! Consider saving space by installing shelves or cabinets on your walls. Wall storage is also a great way to add décor, so get creative and spice up some boring shelves with a new coat of paint. After everything is organized, try adding some knickknacks here and there. Bathrooms deserve some flair, too!

Under the Sink

Cabinets are a no-brainer when it comes to storage, but we often don’t know how to maximize that space. The result? Clutter—and lots of it. Avoid this trap by purchasing baskets, small shelves and other organization units that can fit under your sink. Usually, you can fit several organizers in one cabinet. If you can’t find storage units that suit your needs, you can use baskets or other containers that can also utilize a cabinet’s vertical space.

Organize Drawers

Like bathroom cabinets, drawers are often underestimated when it comes to storage and usually transform into a huge mess. Luckily, there are tons of drawer dividers out there that will help keep your bathroom relatively easy to manage. By using drawer space as effectively as you can, you’ll keep less items in your other storage units. Have a false drawer that you absolutely hate? Have it fixed during a remodel to turn it into a small tray or another drawer, and if you need more ideas, ServiceWhale in New York can give you some tips and provide deals to help!

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Think Outside the Box with a New York Bathroom Remodel

If you think you have squeezed everything you can into your tiny bathroom, think again—and this time, look at the problem another way. You may have installed shelves to your walls, but what about your bathroom door? Your cabinet doors? There are still so many possibilities!

In addition to having your remodel professional add additional spaces for storage in your bathroom, look for caddies, towel racks and shelving units that can be installed anywhere. What about the space above your toilet? Use a wicker basket or a bin for even more storage. You can also find racks and caddies to keep inside your shower. These areas are perfect for extra items like makeup and other toiletries.

Hopefully, our storage solutions suit your remodeling and organizational needs—but remember to make the space your own. To read more tips for making the most out of your New York City home, read our blog. You can also register on our website to find local contractors, compare prices and hire professionals to help with any home improvement projects. No matter your needs, ServiceWhale can help.


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