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December 1, 2016 Newsletter

Some good news…


Check out our founder, Dmitri, on IdeaMensch!


This week our founder, Dmitri, was interviewed by IdeaMensch, a media outlet that focuses on bringing attention to entrepreneurs that build the most innovative tech companies. Our favorite highlight – when asked how he brings great ideas to life, Dmitri answered, “It’s not that difficult when you have a smart, dynamic, and capable team that shares the same vision, both on the technical side and on the business side. We’ve implemented so many ideas together that now it’s only a matter of doing ‘first things first.’”


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Home Renovations and Maintenance Tips to Boost Home Safety


See what Alex from ServiceWhale has to say about important is to maintain a high level of air quality in your home. The more dust in your home, the more of a chance there is it will get into your ductwork and pushed out through the vents around your house. The right air filter can help prevent such problems.


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the ServiceWhale app for
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WATCH: Carpet replacement quotes in under a minute on the ServiceWhale app

WATCH: Carpet replacement
quotes in under a minute
on the ServiceWhale app


Thinking about getting new carpet in your bedroom or living room? In the time it takes you to read this newsletter you could have already gotten quotes from multiple pre-screened flooring pros in your area! Don’t believe us, check out this super quick video of how easy it is to get prices on a carpet replacement on the ServiceWhale mobile app.


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The DIY Disadvantage:
Problems and Limits with Installing Laminate Floors


Errors in Construction: As the complexity of your job increases, the more likely it is that you’ll make a mistake. Contractors have the necessary knowledge to complete complex installation jobs effectively and correctly.


Environmental: A crucial aspect of every home improvement job is dealing with environmental factors. Although this isn’t a large concern in laminate flooring installations, it is still an issue that is better handled by a contractor.


Equipment: Contractors have easier access to specialized equipment that many homeowners may have trouble acquiring.


Legal Issues: Any project related to your home may require permits and licenses. trying to complete such a project without the proper documentation can result in steep fines. Contractors will be able to apply for and receive these licenses much easier than you would yourself.


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