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ServiceWhale takes the pain out of getting prices on home improvement projects

Our contractors are reliable, responsive & do extremely quality work

Every homeowner needs something done around the house

Every homeowner has a project (or multiple projects) they’d like to complete around the house at any given time. Often times, projects get pushed off simply because life gets in the way – a ServiceWhale Gift Card will help your friend or family member get started on the improvements they’ve been waiting for and they’ll thank you for it.

This isn’t your average gift card!

Most gift cards are considered to be practical gifts, but they’re also pretty boring. The ServiceWhale home improvement Gift Card, however, is quite the opposite! This is the first gift card in history that allows a homeowner to actually shop for a home service the same way they would for any consumer product online (electronics, clothes, etc.). Ordering a bathroom remodeling project online will be a first for your loved one.

Your loved one will get the best deal possible
on their project

ServiceWhale’s one of a kind instant quoting technology allows homeowners to compare prices from local, pre-screened and licensed pros online in just minutes, without the need for onsite visits. Not only will your loved one save a ton of time, but they’ll be able to find the best deal possible on their project with ease.

There is NO RISK when using ServiceWhale

Not only will your friends and family love the online shopping experience ServiceWhale offers, but there is never any risk when booking a project on ServiceWhale. Even if their project costs more than the balance on their Gift Card, they won’t have to pay a dime to order their project online – they’ll pay the contractor directly based on terms they negotiate themselves.

ServiceWhale makes shopping for home
improvement FUN!

Shopping for home services is usually a pretty painful process – researching online, making calls, scheduling estimates. Ugh! Getting prices for a project on ServiceWhale is so simple and actually fun!

Limited Time Offer

Get a

5% discount


If you’re ready to buy your friend or family member a ServiceWhale home
improvement Gift Card, hit the button below and send us the info requested

I’d like to buy a ServiceWhale Gift Card!

Once we have your contact info a ServiceWhale representative will contact you ASAP to answer any questions you may have & to collect payment for the Gift Card.

Special deals

Gas tank water heater
Gas tank
water heater
from $712installed
Electric Tank Water Heater
Electric Tank
Water Heater
from $874installed
Ductless Mini-Split (single room)
Ductless Mini-Split
(single room)
from $3,416installed
Fix broken heating system (service call)
Fix Broken Heating System (Service Call)from $71diagnostics
Central heating (gas) installation
Central heating (gas) installationfrom $1,769installed
Interior painting: refresh existing colors
Interior painting:
refresh existing colors
from $243per 100 sqft room
Interior painting: faux finish
Interior painting:
faux finish
from $408per 100 sqft room
Carpet floor 
Carpet floor
from $121per 100 sqft room
Laminate floor installation
Laminate floor
from $274per 100 sqft room



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