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November 4, 2016 Newsletter

Some good news…


Get quotes on a new water heater in 35 seconds!


As winter approaches it makes sense to start thinking proactively about replacing your water heater because cold weather → frozen pipes → broken water heater → cold shower → sad face emoji. Using the ServiceWhale app, you can get quotes on a new water heater in less than a minute. 35 seconds to be exact.


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Never pay a dollar to
ServiceWhale…just get paid


ServiceWhale is 100% free for homeowners to use…always! We don’t require our customers to pay us a cent to book a project (you’ll pay the contractor directly), but we will pay you! For a limited time, we’re giving all of our customers up to $500 cash back for EVERY project they order on ServiceWhale!


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the ServiceWhale app for
iPhone & Android!

We quote projects fast and super accurately

We quote projects fast
and super accurately


Getting quotes quickly is just one of the things we do well at ServiceWhale. The most important thing we do, though, is generate real and accurate prices on behalf of our contractors. You never have to worry about whether or not the prices you’re seeing on ServiceWhale are correct….they are, we guarantee it! Our prescreened pros test their prices regularly to ensure that when you need a quote, you get the right price and can order with ease.


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Freshen up the house
with new paint


Last week we talked about warming up your house with new carpets so it only makes sense to follow it up touching on getting a fresh coat of paint as well. After all, a new paint color (or just a fresh coat) can completely transform a room. Whether it’s earthy brown and tan colors or warm, bright colors new paint changes the complexion of the room and can make you feel like you’re in a brand new house.


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