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Real Customer Stories

ServiceWhale Homeowner Testimonials

I needed a heater replacement so I took to the internet to search for a contractor to do the work. I found ServiceWhale during my search. Although I was not familiar with the company, I gave it a try. The process of getting quotes was easy. I got six quotes and from those results, I contacted two of the contractors before making my final decision. I was very happy with the price that I was quoted; it was better than what I would have received if I had gotten quotes for my gas heater through traditional methods.  Everything worked out great. I was pleased with the entire process and getting the rebate was a bonus. If someone I knew was considering whether or not to use ServiceWhale, I would tell them it’s worth giving it a try.

~ William D.

I found ServiceWhale while I was searching online for a contractor to replace my roof. It was so easy to use; I got quotes from three different local contractors in just a couple minutes. The entire process, from start to finish, was simple and stress free. I also  really liked the 5% cash back rebate I got for booking my roof replacement through ServiceWhale! I would definitely use them again and I have already recommended ServiceWhale to a friend of mine.  

~ Vishal

We had an issue with our roof. In the kitchen area of our house we have a bay window and apparently the pitch wasn’t correct. The insurance company told us we needed a torch down roof or modified roof. We looked for months to find someone in New Jersey that could do the job but we didn’t have any luck. I decided to search the Internet to find someone. I had never heard of ServiceWhale before, but it came up in the search results so I gave it a try. I put in the information about my roof and the next thing I knew I had 3 quotes! It was so easy. In the results, one of the contractors said that they could come out immediately so that’s who we chose.

What I loved about using ServiceWhale was that they stayed in touch with me and offered to help in anyway they could. It’s really a good service. I would absolutely use them again and I would tell others to do it too. Overall it was a great experience!

~Tracee E.


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