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Tips for Fixing a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof is one of the most aggravating circumstances that a homeowner can deal with. Slight leaks can turn into major problems if they are not caught early enough, and unfortunately, many homeowners do not recognize the signs of a roof leak before it is too late. Fortunately, once you know how to detect leaks and learn a few quick fixes, taking care of roof leaks is not all that difficult. Continue reading for some tips for fixing a leaky roof, and learn how the best way to promote roof health is by working with a top rated roofing contractor.

Test Your Roof to Find a Leak

The first thing to do in managing any leaky roof situation is to find the source of the leak. Unfortunately, moisture often travels away from the source of the leak, making them difficult to find. Creating locating your roof leak into a two-person job will make the task a lot easier and quicker. On a dry day, have someone go up to your roof with a hose and then flood the roof, starting at the bottom and working towards the top. While the roof is being flooded, you should be in the attic with a powerful flashlight. Shine the light up into the ceiling and look for any places where water is coming through. If you detect any leaks, then it is time to get down to business and fix them as best you can.


Employ Emergency Measures

When your roof is leaking, it can turn into an emergency situation very quickly. In these types of scenarios, you need to think quickly and act even quicker. Fortunately, with the right materials, you can temporarily stop a leak until you find a more permanent solution. All you need is polyurethane sheeting and some 2x4s. You need to stretch the sheeting over the section of leaky roof, from the eaves to the top of the roof, and then weigh the ends down with the 2x4s. This will temporarily keep any more moisture from leaking into your home and causing further damage.


Use a Quick Fix for Less Serious Situations

If you know the precise location of the leak, and a small hole causes it, then you can stop it up fairly easily until you can engage in more thorough repairs. For this task, all you need is a square of flash sheeting. Go up to your roof and locate the shingle that is above the leak. Carefully lift up the shingle, and then slide the piece of flash sheeting completely under the shingle. This will go towards redirecting any water away from the leak and will give you the time you need to plan a full repair.

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Fixing a Leaky Roof by Partnering with a Roofing Professional

When you are faced with a leaky roof, there are a couple of easy fixes you can do to buy yourself some time. However, even with emergency measures in place, your roof will still need more extensive repairs to plug all the leaks and address any possible water damage. For extensive leaks, the best course of action is to find a highly rated local roofing professional, which is why you need to sign up with ServiceWhale right away. ServiceWhale helps to connect our users with their city’s most affordable, trustworthy contractors available, making any home improvement job a breeze. Start using our powerful request wizard today and find your next contractor through ServiceWhale.


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