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Warning Signs of a Roof Collapse

For any homeowner in New York, the thought of a collapsing roof is enough to send you into a state of panic. The roof protects the home from the elements, but it also completes the structure of a house, providing framework support. With these notorious warning signs of a roof collapse, you and your local roofing contractors in New York can better protect your home from such a disaster.

Visible Exterior Warning Signs

A sagging roof can be a big indicator that your roof is not long for this world. Along with this sloping effect you might find in the shape of your roof, bent or rippled supports can also be a tell-tale sign that your roof is under a major strain to stay intact. This will cause deformities in the structure, along with framing screws that might be bent or missing entirely, since everything is being pulled down with the weight of the caving roof.

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Wood components might crack and split under the pressure, and there might even be cracks in the masonry that surrounds your home. During the wintertime, the weight of fallen snow can cause these damaged components to worsen that much more quickly. If you have noticed any of these signs, or are concerned about the stress your roof suffered this winter, use ServiceWhale to find a local contractor and give yourself peace-of-mind.

Interior Indications of a Collapsing Roof

From the inside of your home, you will start to see the caving roof taking effect on the interior structures of the house. Cracks along the walls or ceilings might appear as the weight of your roof pushes down against the frame of your home. Leaks are more likely to occur, and the ceiling might also sag, causing sprinkler heads to push below the tiles.

If you’ve found that doors pop open on their own, or that doors and windows are more difficult to open or close, it could indicate that your roof is collapsing. The further your roof sinks, any utility pipes that are attached to the ceiling might start to bend. Unusual pops and cracks will be heard throughout the house as the roof’s support buckles under the pressure.

Roofing Contractors in New York and Preventing a Collapse

When there is a significant amount of damage, the only way to prevent your roof from collapsing is to hire professional, roofing contractors in New York. They will be able to properly assess the situation, which will most likely include replacing the roof altogether. If you’re simply a conscientious homeowner who wants to avoid the worse-case scenario, simply be sure to have your roof regularly inspected by professionals, keep the area clear of debris and remember to remove excess amounts of snow from the roof when necessary.

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