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Which Brand of Heating and Cooling System Should I Choose?

Many consumers want to know the brand they should trust the most when it comes to new heating and cooling systems. The truth is that, unlike manufacturers of other products like cars or computers, your HVAC experience will be defined more by your installing contractor than the product itself. A solid, experienced installer will prevent many of the problems and service calls that most brands will see across the board.

That being said, there are some brands with special focuses or unique business values that set their products apart. Here are some of the best HVAC brands according to the categories they excel at:

Most Generally Loved HVAC Systems Brand — Trane/American Standard

Homeowners, service contractors and installers all seem to love Trane and American Standard products. They come with a ten year warranty, and consistently have some of the highest numbers for reliability according to Consumer Reports.

In truth, both are the same brand. American Standard officially sold off everything but its HVAC product division and changed its name to Trane in 2007. It retains the American Standard brand name for its HVAC products even though they share most of the parts and manufacturing processes with Trane.

Both offer affordable, mid-range to high product lines with competitive efficiency numbers and a reputation for avoiding many of the service calls that plague other brands. Whether looking at central AC units, integrated heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, furnaces or anything else, Trane or American Standard products can be considered a safe bet.

Most Advanced and Efficient HVAC Products — Lennox

Lennox commits itself to always pursuing the latest technology that offers homeowners and businesses more efficient units with features that add to comfort. Their dedication to finding low-impact HVAC solutions also makes them one of the greenest companies on the market.

These innovations can tend to make Lennox products costlier and occasionally more difficult to install, but the end result is an efficient system that reduces energy bills consistently. Some homeowners and businesses may even be eligible for a tax rebate after installing Lennox’s environmentally conscious products.

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Best Mini-Split/Ductless Systems — Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi’s Mr. Slim ductless systems have been long appreciated as one of the most affordable and efficient AC solutions on the market. Coupled with an air source heat pump, they can provide all of a household’s heating and cooling needs for milder climates.

Other brands like Fujitsu boast SEER ratings of 27 and upwards, but the Mr. Slim can provide a 20 SEER rating over the summer for half the cost and with an above-average warranty of 10 years. Mitsubishi also stands heads and shoulders over most other ductless system manufacturers with their customer service.


Keep in mind that, as stated before, brands are not as important in HVAC compared to many other industries. You will need to select the right model for your home based on the factors you value most such as:


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