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2016 Exterior House Painting Trends

Every new year comes with new design trends that include a few classics, which make comebacks, and new looks that can turn traditional house styling on its ear. And you, as a homeowner, don’t want the look of your house to be left behind the times. You want your house to always look fresh and be the talk of the neighborhood with its cutting edge style. Keeping reading to find out some of the exciting 2016 house painting trends.

Accenting with Two Colors

One of the most intriguing house painting trends for 2016 is accent painting. Accent painting has long been a staple to make the inside of one’s home look interesting, but it is only in 2016 that many homeowners are starting to use this style of painting of the exterior of their homes. When you use accent painting on the exterior of your home, you should choose two different hues and then paint in various levels of brightness on places outside of your home such as shutters, windows and doors. This works particularly well when your home is a shade of white. Accent painting confers your home with a very striking and interesting look that people are sure to notice.

Seasonal Coloring

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Painting your home in seasonal colors has been slightly out of style recently, but seasonal colors are poised to make a big comeback in 2016, particularly those colors associated with fall and fall holidays. What’s great about these fall colors—think the burnt orange of leaves in autumn—is that they really give your home a sense of warmth year round that both your friends and family will really respond to. Expect to see a lot of homes’ exteriors transformed with late year seasonal colors the more 2016 goes on.

Back to Nature

In much the same vein as the autumnal themes discussed above, 2016 exterior house painting trends will focus on looking as natural as possible. Trend wise, this year is really making it look like your home fits into nature instead of being separated from it. Colors that resemble stone, and semi-natural wood coloring is really going to be big in 2016. The goal is to almost make it seem like your home just sprung out of the ground fully formed. A natural look is great for people who want to feel like their coming home to a piece of the natural world every evening.

Classic Comebacks

Finally, for people whose preference tends towards the more subdued, there will be the 2016 exterior house painting trend of using a simple, classic off-white coloring. Classics are classics for a reason, and more traditional looks for homes are starting to make a resurgence, which is why off-white is such an exciting color for 2016. Painting the exterior of your home off-white may seem a little subdued, or even dull, but it will give your home that timeless look that so many people appreciate.

Find the Right Services to Update Your Home

2016 is going to be an exciting year in exterior home painting trends. With a little something for everybody’s tastes, anyone looking to paint their home this year will have great style choice. If you’ve decided that you want your Pennsylvania home painted in one of this year’s trends, then let ServiceWhale help you find the best professionals to update your homes style. With our easy to use request wizard, ServiceWhale can connect you to the best services in your area, taking all of the pressure of you.


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