Creating seamless
online buying experiences
between enterprises, contractors & consumers
+ hundreds of other companies
Why use ServiceWhale?
Innovate & expand online consumer engagement
Increase sales
& efficiencies
Drive brand
Capture new valuable
data insights
Streamline your sales cycle A to Z
Create a digital ecosystem that connects your end consumers to local contractors that represent your brand
What our Enterprise partners
and Contractors say
Hear from IKO North America roofers who have used our tools firsthand on the WORX Directory powered by ServiceWhale:
Enterprise Partners
Enterprise partners who upgraded to ServiceWhale’s powered contractor directory saw their consumer lead production increase by 8000%
85%+ of consumers using ServiceWhale contractor directories choose to get a quote online over other engagement options, demonstrating the powerful draw of online quoting
Performance Stats
25% of the active ServiceWhale contractors are ‘new’ and sourced on the open market outside of the enterprises' established network
Contractor Partners
100% of contractors said “Yes” when asked “Would you agree that you have increased your sales due to the ServiceWhale platform?”
100% of contractors said “Yes” when asked “Would you agree that online quoting is a powerful ‘magnet’ for consumers shopping for a project, resulting in more leads?”
Performance Stats
ServiceWhale lead conversion rate for contractors is a minimum of 25%, average of 54% and maximum of 80%