Advanced Dealer Directory generates more traffic, higher quality leads, more orders, and unprecedented data insights
Get a customized solution that seamlessly integrates with your digital ecosystem
Provide contractors with more leads and tools to drive their success with your brand
Improve Contractor Loyalty
Gain unprecedented visibility into interactions between your customers and contractors
Convert more website traffic into qualified leads and orders for your network of contractors
New Data Insights
Increase Sales
For Enterprises
Connect to local contractors through directories hosted by the enterprise brands you trust
Gain Access to Brand Specific Contractor Directory
For Customers
Get quotes for entire projects including products & labor completely online
Online Quoting
Steamline estimates by providing necessary project details online
Virtual Estimates
ServiceWhale platform includes enterprise directory listings, website quoting widgets, and an integrated CRM
End-to-End Solution
Allow customers to run quotes and book projects through enterprise directories, your website & social media pages
Remote Quoting
Get listed on directories of the enterprise brands you want to represent for a new channel of leads
New Lead Channels
For Contractors
+ hundreds of other companies
Discover the Key Capabilities
Contractors get an online profile hosted on the enterprise’s website that allows customers to engage contractors, generate job requests & receive custom quotes
Contractor Directory
Contractors & customers can use live messaging to answer questions and finalize project requirements
Contractors choose between up-front, estimated, and no-pricing options for each individual service, product & installation scenario
Customizable Pricing
Contractors can allow customers to submit project details and run through a configure-price-quote process to receive pricing for projects, including products & labor
Customers can submit requests to receive calls from contractors
Call Requests
ServiceWhale’s entire platform is web & mobile friendly
Web and Mobile App
Customers can autonomously start their quote online and book a project by answering a few simple questions & providing key project details
Online Booking
Customers can submit first and second choices of times for an in-person appointment
Schedule Visit
Integrated CRM covers all the needs of pre-sale management for ServiceWhale leads and allows transferring of data to other systems
Sales CRM
Our sales CRM includes a reminder feature that can provide notifications to your mobile phone for upcoming appointments
Contractors can choose to add our quoting platform onto their own website & social media pages to help convert more visitors into qualified leads
Website Widgets
Contractors can perform virtual estimates using video chat on mobile devices
Virtual Visit
Coming soon
Benefits Across Industries
The ServiceWhale platform is highly customizable and supported by a world class software development team. We are driven to deliver solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of many different industries & business sectors
Distribution & Wholesale
Home Warranty
and more...
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