Save time & cut costs
One of the best things about living in the modern era is the convenience of online shopping. Whether it's travel, electronics, financial products or clothing, we can find prices on what we want to buy instantly, from multiple vendors.
However, when it comes to home improvement, the exact opposite is true. Finding enough prices to make an educated purchasing decision on a major home improvement project, such as replacing a roof or a heating and cooling system, requires hours of research and phone calls that ultimately require onsite visits from contractors – just to get prices that may not even fit the budget.
All told, it takes homeowners an average of roughly 30 hours to get enough prices to compare when shopping for most projects.
Contractors face a similar issue. The average homeowner wants quotes from 3 or 4 contractors before booking their project. Which means contractors only end up winning roughly 30% of the onsite estimates they bid on and each visit winds up costing them about $300 of their hard earned money.
ServiceWhale is here to change all of that
Our patent-pending quoting technology allows homeowners to get custom quotes on big-ticket home services instantly, without the need for onsite visits from contractors. ServiceWhale is the true ecommerce solution for shopping for home improvement.
Contractors are able to preload their prices for the services they offer one time and then generate thousands of quotes through ServiceWhale completely for free.
No more time wasted.
No more frustrations.

ServiceWhale makes the process of shopping for home improvement simple and easy…the way it should be.