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Causes of a Continuously Running Toilet

You hear that telltale noise coming from the bathroom, but you know that nobody has been in there for hours. Why is your toilet still running? While this isn’t cause for alarm, having a continuously running toilet can seriously run up your water bill.

While your toilet may only require a quick fix, you may need to contact a local plumbing contractor if the issue is more serious. Read on to find out a few causes for a continuously running toilet and find out how you can correct the issue quickly, effectively and at the cost you need.


The Flapper or Chain

What happens when you pull down on that flush lever? It isn’t magic and it really isn’t even very complicated. The handle of your toilet is connected to a chain, and this chain is connected to a piece of rubber that is on a hinge attached to the bottom of your tank. When the lever goes down, the chain goes up and the rubber flapper opens up the hole. Problems start when that rubber flapper doesn’t sit back down on the hole properly. The tank cannot fill, which causes the toilet to run.

If you’re toilet is experiencing a faulty flapper, there are a few repair issues that you should consider:

  • The handle may not be allowing the flapper to reseat properly, or it may need to be replaced
  • The chain may be rusty and stuck or in need of replacement
  • The flapper may be worn or need an adjustment
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The Float

So how does your toilet tank know when to stop filling up? Most people don’t know their toilet contains something called a float switch, which tells your toilet to stop filling the tank. As the tank fills, the float gets higher. At some point it reaches a height, set by your plumber or whoever installed your toilet, that turns the water off.

If the float is broken, then it may not be floating up high enough, which allows your toilet to continue running. It may also be that it just can’t turn off the water anymore and needs to be replaced. All the extra water runs down the built in drain in the toilet, which is there to prevent flooding.

However, it can’t prevent high water bills. Here are a few of the things you can try if you’re experiencing a broken float:

  • It may just be an issue with the level. Sometimes the level gets bumped or moved and needs to be set to something lower.
  • Depending on the kind of float you have, you may be able to adjust the float itself. Some toilets have a bulb on an arm. The arm can be adjusted to allow for a higher or lower level.
  • The float may need to be replaced. This isn’t as bad as it sounds. Floats break all the time and the fix is relatively easy for your plumber.


Fix a Continuously Running Toilet to Keep Your Water Bills Low

When your toilet is allowed to run continuously, it can result in a very big problem down the line. Left unchecked, a running toilet can result in much higher water bills than you want, making it vital that you correct the issue as soon as possible. Fix a continuously running toilet as soon as you notice the issue and save yourself a lot of pain, frustration and high water bills.


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