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Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Green Flooring Project

If you’re planning on updating the flooring in your home in the near future, then a great choice is to install green flooring. Green flooring provides all the appearance of a typical floor without causing harm to the environment. However, if you’re thinking about completing your flooring project with the help of a contractor, you need to make sure that you hire the right person for the job.

Not all contractors are familiar with green principles, and if you hire an inexperienced contractor, it can result in disaster. Learn more about green flooring and find out how you can hire the right contractor so that your project is completed in the right way.

Check the License and Be Ready to Pitch In

As with any home improvement project, the first step in hiring the right contractor for your project is to make sure that any flooring professional you’re thinking about hiring has their contracting license. In addition to not having the experience necessary for your job, working with an unlicensed contractor can place you in a precarious legal situation if something goes wrong with your installation.

Also, if you decide to hire a contractor who doesn’t have a strong background in green projects, you should be prepared to direct your installation, informing your contractor what you want and making sure green flooring principles are being followed.

Ask the Right Questions

The best way to guarantee that you hire the right contractor for your project is to make sure you’re asking your potential contractors the right questions.

First, you should ask them about their background in green flooring projects. Find out if they’ve completed multiple such jobs or if your installation is the first such project you’ve attempted. If they do have experience in green projects, ask to see examples of their work. Finally, ask them how involved they were in the planning of the green project. Did they orchestrate the installation from start to finish or was the homeowner heavily involved in completing the job?

Getting answers to these important questions will go a long way to ensuring that you’ve hired a quality contractor.

Costs for Different Flooring Options

Cost is a major factor when you’re planning to install green flooring, which is why you need to find a contractor willing to give you great pricing.

For example, a popular green flooring choice is installing laminate floorng. Generally speaking, laminate flooring costs between $91.00 and $179.00 for 120 square feet of material. If a contractor attempts to charge you more than that, then they aren’t the right contractor for you.

Another cost effective green flooring option is classic hardwood flooring. Although it’s a little more expensive—$138.00 to $1,253.00 per 120 sq.ft. of material—hardwood flooring still provides big green benefits. Similar to laminate, ask your contractor their prices for materials and beware any option that seems too low or too high.

Get Everything in Writing

A mistake that many homeowners make, whether they’re planning a green project or a run of the mill home improvement job, is to get everything in writing before the installation begins. Before you hire a contractor to install green flooring in your home, you should be sure to create a contract that outlines your exact expectations for your flooring project.

When writing your contract, you should make sure to include everything that you need out of your project, including the time frame you want the project completed in, labor and material costs and your requirements for completing your project using green building methods. A good contractor should have no issue signing such a contract. If a contractor refuses to put things in writing, then they aren’t the right contractor for you.

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Install Green Flooring to Increase Your Home’s Efficiency

If you want to increase your home’s efficiency while helping to protect the environment, there’s almost no better project to undertake than adding green flooring to your home. However, as we have seen, before you can install green flooring, you need to make sure to hire an expert contractor who has experience in green projects. The right contractor will be able to complete your job quickly, effectively and at the price you deserve


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