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Choosing the Right Lighting For Your Bathroom

The lighting in your bathroom creates the ambiance and the mood that you and anyone else who enters this space will experience, making it extremely important to choose lighting that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The great thing about being a modern homeowner is the impressive amount of choices for those interested in creative lighting concepts. Sprucing up your bathroom with new lighting is a great pick-me-up for your mood and the space as a whole, often breathing life into a worn-out and dull bathroom. Read on to learn more about how choosing the right lighting for your bathroom can provide a one of a kind during a bathroom remodeling.

Vanity Lighting

Your bathroom’s vanity is usually the center piece of the room, providing the focal point for everything you do, from brushing your teeth to washing your face. Because you use your vanity on a daily basis, it is important for your vanity lighting to be bright and sharp so you can see clearly. Vanity lighting is usually placed over the mirror that hangs above the sink for optimum brightness. Before choosing a lighting fixture, it is important to familiarize yourself with the bathroom dimensions so you can maximize its positioning.

Normally, bathroom fixtures come in sets of three or four light bulbs, which you can find in a variety of styles and shapes. To prevent problems down the line, make sure to measure your vanity area before selecting a fixture. Also, if you have a double sink or two mirrors, you will most likely need multiple fixtures. Finally, the vanity lights should never hang lower than the mirror, as this will limit your lighting and defeat the purpose. 

Try Up-lighting or Backlight

Up-lighting is a concept that we’ve all seen at concerts or on runways, but it can also be a great way to light up your home bathroom. Up-lighting involves using small lights on the ground to illuminate the walls or the ceiling. To see if up-lighting is a good fit for your bathroom, you can start simple by up-lighting your cabinets, which may give the bathroom a zen vibe. Up-lights also create the perfect footpaths for your late-night bathroom runs. If you’re considering up-lighting, try getting creative by using colored lights. Green, blue and purple are great choices for livening up the bathroom area.

Another creative lighting option is backlighting. With backlights, you give your mirror a special halo effect. Simply wrap the back of the mirror with lights to achieve the look.

Accent Lighting

Accent lights provide intensity and style to any space, including your bathroom. Using accent lights is a great way to decorate the wall or highlight artwork. Although accent lights look good, they should not take the place of lighting that serves a functional purpose. Instead, use accent lights to create an alternative lighting scheme. They can be used at night to give the bathroom a calming effect.

Avoid Fluorescent Lighting

Finally, as a word of warning, it’s important that you avoid flourescent lights. Although the can provide provide optimum brightness in your bathroom, fluorescent light is often viewed as harsh and unflattering. Use incandescent lighting to provide a warm, serene glow for your bathroom.

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Bathroom Remodeling Starts with Lighting

Out of all the things you could do when you’re looking at remodeling your bathroom, changing the light is one of the most effective ways to achieve a new and interesting look. Changing your lighting as part of a bathroom remodeling is the affordable, easy way to optimize your bathroom’s appearance and increase your enjoyment of the room.


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