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Common Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors is tough. Whether you’re looking for the perfect color for an accent wall or trying to paint a whole room one bright color, there are a lot of ways to make paint color mistakes. It’s difficult because you want your house or apartment to be unique and reflective of your personality, but taking bold chances with design often leads to some big missteps.

It all boils down to the paint color choosing process—incorporating colors is good, but you have to take every aspect of a room into consideration. Here are some common paint color mistakes we see too often. Before selecting a painter, learn from these mistakes to avoid making a similar error of your own!

Not Planning for Natural Light

 Darker colors can make a statement and make a room feel cozy, but you have to think about natural lighting. If you decide to paint a room a deep purple or blue but then realize there’s no natural light to balance it, the room will feel like the inside of a black hole.

Additionally, stark white rooms without a lot of natural light can look depressing. While white has an open and airy feel in rooms with lots of sun exposure, it’s the opposite in poorly lit rooms. If you have a small, dark space to paint, go with a light color or neutral.

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Choosing Something Too Bright

 Bright colors certainly add personality to a space, but there is such a thing as “too bright.” Bright colors are especially intense in small spaces and can make room dwellers feel uncomfortable. If you’re set on having bright colors in your small apartment, consider painting the walls something more neutral and incorporating color elsewhere in your room design, such as with artwork or accent furniture.


Relying Solely on Swatches

 No matter how good your eyesight, holding a teeny tiny paint chip up to your wall will not give you even a semblance of an idea of how that entire wall will look with that color. Sorry! It’s annoying, but you simply must paint large patches of different options on your wall as a color test before deciding which one to go with—it’ll certainly be worth it in the long run!


Forgetting Shadows

 This is one of the most common paint color mistakes, especially for rooms with a lot of lighting. While choosing a dark color is better in a room with a lot of natural light, you have to remember that shadows make any wall color appear darker. Consider going with something a few shades lighter than you were perhaps originally thinking.


Consult a Professional about Paint Color Mistakes!

 Your ServiceWhale contractor will also be able to make paint color recommendations based on your home specifics and their expertise. Read about our process before getting started with the instant quote platform. After answering a few simple questions about your home painting project, you’ll have your room painted in no time!



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