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Easier to Clean Materials for Your New Bathroom

When you think about designing a bathroom you think about a lot of things and layout, colors, patterns and fixtures are probably at the top of that list. One thing you may not consider, though, is how easy it is going to be to clean the bathroom once you finalize your design.  

Taking some time to consider what materials you are going to use will better help you prepare for your routine bathroom cleaning to maintain a clean, inviting area. Here are a few materials you should consider for your bathroom floor tiles and other surfaces that will help keep the time you spend cleaning your bathroom to a minimum.

Cleaning Grout on Tile Floors

One of the things that can quickly become stained in a bathroom is the grout. One option for keeping your bathroom floor tiles looking clean and pristine is to choose a darker grout color. Having an off white or grey grout will make removing stains easier when cleaning grout on tile floors. Pale grey is a good color because stains are much less noticeable and you won’t need to spend so much time scrubbing to get it clean.

Replace Tile with Back Painted Glass

Another great solution to cleaning grout on tile floors, is to remove the grout! Bathroom floor tiles look great, but it provides cracks and crevices for dirt to hide in. You can remove these dirt-hiding places by using back painted glass instead.  

Glass lends an elegant look to your new bathroom and the smooth surface allows for easier cleaning. Having back painted glass also allows more freedom in your new bathroom design, by making it easier to add a splash of color.

Rendered Concrete

Another tile replacement is a material called rendered concrete. It is a special type of treated concrete that can be made in any number of patterns, styles and colors. It is a perfect way to get the look of tile without all of the cleaning hassle that tile brings with it.

Waterproof Epoxy Paint

Another option is to use waterproof epoxy paint. This option provides the most creative freedom for your bathroom design, as you now have access to a wide range of colors to decorate your new bathroom space with. This material allows for easy cleaning: use a wet rag and cleaner. Waterproof paint makes for a beautiful bathroom space that will save you countless time cleaning.

Choose Darker Colors

Because bathrooms are already small, most people avoid using dark colors in favor of lighter colors to make the area seem more open and inviting. However, having a lighter colored bathroom proves troublesome for those who want a fast, easy clean. Darker colored bathrooms are less likely to show stains and are therefore easier to clean.

Need Help Finding the Right Bathroom Floor Tiles and Contractor?

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