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Five Qualities for Your Roofing Contractor to Have

A roofing project can be one of the most expensive, labor intensive tasks of your life as a homeowner. While some homeowners try to go the do-it-yourself route, completing your roofing project is much easier and stress free when you work with a contractor. However, this leaves one important question: How do you know a contractor is right for your? Any contractor you work with should possess the experience and knowledge necessary to complete your project. Here are five qualities that you should look for in any roofing contractor that you’re planning to hire for your next roofing project.

There is More to a Bid than Price

If you’re like most homeowners, the first thing that you look for in a quality contractor is what kind of prices they can offer you. Although you may be tempted to just go with the lowest bid when looking at the list of contractors, the lowest is not necessarily the best. For example, if you are not providing the materials for the job, make sure that the lowest bid still includes quality materials and enough time to get the job done right. Before making an hiring decisions, make sure you know exactly what a contractor’s bid includes.


Do They Have Insurance?

Another sign of a quality contractor is having all of the proper paperwork in place to get your job done successfully. Accidents and mistakes happen. Professional contractors should have insurance because it shows that they’re ready for any eventuality.  If your contractor doesn’t have the proper insurance, you are leaving yourself open to risks like property damage and liability for injuries. To ensure both your safety and the safety of your contractor, make sure that anyone you work with has the right level of insurance coverage and the proper paperwork.

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Good Reviews

While it is true that every review on the internet may not be accurate, you can get a good idea of quality from the reviews that are posted. Generally speaking, more reviews mean a more widely used contractor and a broader base for opinions. Reading reviews accomplishes two things: Providing peace of mind and ensuring a contractor has the requisite skills for your roofing job. When you thoroughly research a contractor, you’ll save yourself from a nasty surprise later on.


Responsive and Attentive

You want to have a good working relationship with your contractor. This means they need to be responsive to you and open up good lines of communication. If you leave your phone number for a consultation and it takes them a long time to get back to you, this may be a red flag. You should expect quick and informative responses and good communication. Any contractor that doesn’t value your time is not worth working with.


Time in Business

When researching a contractor, see how long they have been in business. Generally speaking, the longer they have been around, the more successful they are. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t trust a newer business. Just be aware of the company’s overall track record and be prepared for more issues if the business is young.


Hire a Great Roofing Contractor and Get Your Job Done the Right Way

For any large home improvement project, you have to make the right choice on how to get it done. While you having a lot of options at your disposal, including DIY, the best choice is hiring a quality local contractor. Hiring a local roofing contractor ensures that you project gets done the right way and at the price that you need.


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