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How to Create a Feng Shui Bathroom

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of spatial arrangement, has become extremely popular in the west because of the way it changes a rooms atmosphere. Adding a sense of warmness and positive energy in a room is  the main objective of Feng shui design, making it easy to see why homeowners are flocking to this design style every year. By incorporating a few simple arrangements in your bathroom remodel design, you can make your bathroom feel more spacious and welcoming. Discover some tips for using feng shui in your bathroom remodel design that will turn your bathroom from drab to one of the most exciting rooms in your house.

Your Color Choice Can Add Missing Elements

The practice of feng shui is centered around balancing the five Chinese elements: water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. All of these elements are already a part of your bathroom in one way or another, giving you a great opportunity to use feng shui principles in your bathroom design choices. Although your bathroom already heavily features water, adding blue accents can emphasize this element. Adding warm tones can create the invigorating energy of fire, and dark tones can create the calming stability of earth. White and green can add metal and wood respectively. Metal will help you focus and wood will add life energy to create a nurturing environment. Combining all of these colors together will help to balance the feel of your bathroom and make for an attractive appearance that will be sure to impress.

Play Around With Lighting

Lighting is already one of the most useful tools in managing the tone of your home and the correct lighting can also set the tone for your bathroom experience. Bright, natural lighting will help wake you in the morning, while a dimmer switch and candles will allow you to create more relaxing ambiance. Install adjustable lighting for a more versatile bathroom atmosphere will help you energize for your daily tasks and unwind once you need to rest. Using feng shui lighting principles will give you a one of a kind bathroom experience.

Energy Flows Better Through Clean Spaces

One of the primary principles of feng shui is maintaining clear, organized spaces, which can be a great tip when you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom. Streamlining your bathroom’s design with modern plumbing features like hidden toilets can open your bathroom up and give it the clear, clean look that is foundation of feng shui. Giving your bathroom a sleek, uncluttered appearance is one of the best things you can do in any remodeling project. 

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Crystals Can Help

The use of crystals is an important part of the practice of feng shui. In feng shui, crystals are said to produce and focus good chi, and are great tools for redirecting your energy away from incomplete projects and their balancing effects can reduce the impact of incomplete designs. As far as you bathroom, using crystals can be a great design feature, catching the light and causing your bathroom to dance and sparkle in a very enticing way.


As we’ve seen, using feng shui principles when you’re remodeling your bathroom can provide a signature look that’s hard to beat. Whether you remodel yourself, or with the help of a professional, feng shui can bring balance and energy to a room that’s often a design afterthought.


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