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How to Design a Japanese Inspired Bathroom

A Japanese inspired bathroom is the perfect option if you want to experience the comforts of an exotic spa at home. If you’re interested in redesigning your bathroom with Japanese style features, there are three key factors to keep in mind: minimalism, ergonomic design and simplicity. 

Minimalism involves very little clutter or decoration in the space, instead focusing on utility. Appliances such as tubs and sinks tend to be smaller in an effort to create an open and inviting atmosphere. Ergonomics is the idea of building a space to accommodate the needs of its users and maximizing the utility and comfort level of the bathroom. Simplicity refers to the style of the bathroom. The colors are soft and the patterns are usually nonexistent or subdued, with very little “loud” designs.

Redesigning your bathroom with Japanese inspiration can be easy, fun and rewarding with a little know-how and the right tips at your disposal.


A great design tip for any bathroom is to make use of plants, and if your going for a Japanese theme, there are a few plant types that you should consider.

Bamboo and potted moss plants are very popular in Japanese culture and decoration, making them a great choice for your bathroom remodel. Fortunately, finding the right bamboo plants has never been easier with the use of technology. You can search for local greenhouses that sell bamboo plants in your area. You can also opt to buy decorative bamboo plants that don’t require very little maintenance.

Another great plant idea is potted moss which, you can use by creating a moss garden in your backyard or growing a few moss plants in your home. Bamboo and moss plants are important because they echo the minimalist aesthetic that Japanese bathrooms are known for. When placing these plants in the space, make sure to put them in spaces that won’t obstruct the user. This reduces clutter and promotes minimalism.

Color Schemes

Japanese-style bathrooms are all about the simplicity of color. Bright colors and loud patterns are frowned upon for this design, which instead focuses on clean lines and lighter tones. For the perfect Japanese inspired bathroom, you should choose colors such as soft blues, black, white, and tan. Even shades of red can be used to add appropriate style to the space when employed judiciously. Painting the walls a dominant color (such as red) and using white or black accents is a great way to incorporate color into the space without overdoing it. Emphasizing subdued colors can give your bathroom the minimalist look that is the hallmark of Japanese design 

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Tub Time

One of the main features of a Japanese-style bathroom that you don’t often find in their American counterparts is a soaking tub. Soaking tubs are relatively small but surprisingly deep, and are often the focal point of the bathroom. The tubs include a special seat, called a bench seat, which you can rest on while taking a bath. Made of stainless steel, stone, copper or porcelain, installing a soaking tub in your bathroom will add a distinctively Japanese flavor that will make your bathroom feel unique.

Redesigning a Bathroom Provides a Signature Look

Out of all the design choices you could make for your bathroom, taking inspiration from Japanese culture is an excellent when your searching for a simple yet attractive look. Redesigning a bathroom with Japanese style is a great decision for homeowners of all stripes, giving your bathroom a signature style that you won’t find in most Western homes.


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